"And they shall be mine saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels"
Malachi 3:17

God is a gatherer, a rescuer.  While we sleep at night, God is tenderly watching over us, taking joy in each
blessed child, son and daughter, who has been gathered in Jesus' name.  Those whose sins have been
erased by accepting the salvation provided by the Son of God.  Each one, precious and lovingly doted over,
by a Parent who never sleeps.  One day Jesus Himself will descend from the heavens above and pluck us
from this earth, carrying us to our home of bliss, a state of unending glorious worship to the One who has
redeemed us.

The song
When He cometh, also known as Jewels, was written in 1856 by William Cushing.  He was pastoring
a Disciples Of Christ church, and wrote the song for the children in his Sunday school.  His wife died a few
years later, followed by his losing his ability to speak when he was only 47.  Unwilling to waste his life, he
continued to write hymns, writing over 300, several of which are popular today.

He was on to something.  He realized that one day we shall be as brilliant jewels in God's crown.  We are
loved with an everlasting love far greater than human comprehension.  Because of our accepting Jesus'
sacrifice for us, we shall adorn the Creator of all life.  We will epitomize everything that is good and pure.  We
have been plucked from darkness into awareness.  Like stars which light up the skies,
so shall our destination be.    


Below are the words to the hymn
Jewels.  They are in anticipation of Jesus' return.


When He cometh, when He cometh to make up His jewels, all His jewels,
precious jewels, His loved and His own.

He will gather, He will gather the gems for His kingdom, all the pure ones,
all the bright ones, His loved and His own.

Little children little children who love their Redeemer, are the jewels,
precious jewels, His loved and His own.

chorus:  Like the stars of the morning, His bright crown adorning,
they shall shine in their beauty – bright gems for His crown.