One day while leafing through books in the Hadassah Thrift Shop, I came across a photo of a group of Jewish
women lined up against a wall before a firing squad.  I can't begin to imagine how the photo was taken or how
it survived, but the hand scribbled story with it was even more unnerving.  The gist of it was that it wasn't
uncommon for these Holocaust victims to giggle and make snide remarks just before their certain doom was at
hand.  It was their way of coping.  The monks in Bhutan also laugh in the midst of predatory invasion for that
very reason – the absurdity, the insanity.  Maybe we need to learn from the Jews and monks.

It seems apparent that God sides with the ones who have no way of getting what they need for themselves; the
ones who are powerless to grovel out of their own predicaments.  God fearing people are apt to testify about
answered prayers even at the most elementary level in spite of the big things apparently going unheeded.  
Most of us have verified to our satisfaction that if nothing else God takes a certain interest in individuals and
their needs.  

This brings up the question of non-interference.  God answers individual prayers, everyday things, but
doesn’t interfere with wide spread genocide or other horrendous atrocities.  It would seem that at some point,
maybe after the destructive flood, God decided to let the people of the earth do their own thing, and that He
would tend primarily to the individual, not that He couldn’t do both.  

There is a sovereign plan, but this particular one escapes me.  Who are we that we should question the mind
of God?  My idol King David also questioned in Psalm 8:4 “
Who are we that God is mindful of us?”  
I translated that a little liberally, but it’s the same thought.  And then David sums it up in verse 9:
O Lord how excellent is thy name in all the earth”.  That’s kind of it, we throw our hands up and submit.  Some
stuff we’re just not going to know until we get into the next dimension.  Scripture tells us that everything will be
revealed at that time.  Another reason to be looking forward to the rapture.