It was by faith that Abel brought a more acceptable offering to God than Cain did”
Hebrews 11:4

She could not be comforted by Adam.  Her despondency was even greater than that which she had
experienced after God had expelled them from the Garden.  Standing over the body of her son Abel, she
stared at his cold lifeless form.  She, too, was frozen in place.  There was no question that Abel had been
murdered by his older brother Cain.  Neither was there any question in her mind that this tragedy occurred
as a result of her taking the forbidden fruit from the tree.  All the misfortunes they had experienced since that
moment could be traced to that one bad decision.  If she could only have that moment back, she would never
disobey God again.  

The family dwelled somewhere east of the Garden of Eden.  They worked hard, tending the land and some of
the animals.  The brothers had brought their sacrificial offerings to God, but Cain’s had been rejected.  Cain
was furious.  He paced back and forth shaking his fist toward heaven.  God talked with him and told him that
he needed to change his attitude and present an acceptable sacrifice.  It wasn’t as though Cain didn’t know
better.  He was being rebellious, for his heart was not humble before God.  Sin had been introduced to
humanity and it extended in many directions like long wiggly fingers, taking on many forms.

Abel, on the other hand, loved and obeyed God.  His heart was pure, as was his occupation of tending
sheep.  When Cain led his younger brother out into a field, Abel trusted him.  Why wouldn’t he?  There was
no precedent of jealousy or violence.  He was happy to be with his older brother.  But Cain had evil thoughts,
and overpowered and killed the younger Abel.

Unable to avert her staring at the dead body lying at her feet, Eve replayed the scenario over and over in her
mind as a mother would do.  She knew the burden of Cain’s sin ultimately fell upon her shoulders.  What was
once a simple disobedient act, nothing to speak of, just an apple, sent a rippling effect which forever
changed the future of humankind.  

What can be said?  The little decisions which we, too, make daily when no one else is aware, can have a
rippling effect too.  One rebellious choice could result in the murder of someone’s soul.  We need to be very
careful with our personal choices.

just an apple