knowing, responding

“There is a right time for everything…..a time to plant and a time to harvest
…..a time to be quiet and a time to speak up”
Ecclesiastes 3:1, 3, 7

As Christians we strive to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  Keeping our radar up to speed, if you will.  It works.  
The Holy Spirit quickens something to our minds, sometimes at the strangest moments,
and we know that that’s the time to use our faith and follow that “knowing” within.  

When this happens, the next few minutes, hours, and days are the big ones.  The timing may be
downright inconvenient, but when God calls, the time to act is then and there.  God knows us and knows the
circumstances.  In fact God knew all this before you and I were even born.  That inner sense at the instant
the Holy Spirit grabs our attention could be our life’s pivot point.  Even if you’re very old
or very young, or very in between.  

The rebuilding of New Orleans has benefited through the help of Brad Pitt.  When the call came to him, that
sense of urgency within him, he had a choice to make, and there would be no guarantee that if
he moved forward on what he inherently sensed, that a success story would follow.  God took
care of that.  God is well able to make sure you and I are successful, but as a child of God the
obvious next step is one of faith.  Jesus gave us a lot of examples to follow.  We don’t need to know
why God’s asking or sending – we simply need to respond with a yes and move forward.