“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I”
Psalm 61:2

Our bodies can become physically overwhelmed, exhausted, weary.  When there is too much input at once,
even though not necessarily negative, we can become mentally overwhelmed too.  Total overload.  When it
comes to the heart, it’s not as readily recognizable as physical exhaustion.  Our hearts become heavy with
the cares of the world - not all at once; they sneak up subtly.  The loss of a close friend either by death or
simply by losing touch can weigh heavily on our hearts.  We become overwhelmed, depressed, and struggle
to move forward, knowing that we can do it because we are in the care of Jesus our healer.

Jesus is called our rock.  He’s the rock of our salvation, but He’s also our protective rock.  If we’re out hiking
and a storm comes up quickly, we might be fortunate enough to find ourselves in a cave on the side of a
mountain with an overhanging cliff above, protecting, sheltering.  Our lives are safe in that mountain rock.  
That could be a parallel to Jesus.  He is higher than we, His thoughts are higher than ours, His mercy is
higher than anything we can comprehend, and His love more compassionate than we can absorb.  That's a
rock which we can trust in.      

When I watch CNN I see the turmoil people go through; the desperate attempts to resolve conflicts, the
negotiating, the endless discussions.  And I do mean endless.  The time and effort they expend never
resolves anything when all they needed to do is go to The Rock in the first place.  These “smart people” of
the world are oftentimes the most naïve when it comes to an understanding of God’s ways.  It wouldn’t hurt if
just once they’d stop to consult their Creator first.  It sure would cut down on a lot of air time.  

Sometimes things in life will overwhelm us, but as a Christian it's temporary.  Our Rock is not disturbed by the
world’s problems for they are all beneath His feet, under His care, ruled at His will.  The protective cliff hangs
over us.  When our hearts become overwhelmed, we run to the Rock.  Jesus will comfort us,
He will love us, He wants to be our Rock.