"Almost noon, the heat of the day when nobody will be at the well.  They call it "Jacob's Well" you know, and
it's now a historical landmark in our own little town of Sychar.  It was built by this guy Jacob, who was a
renowned Jew.  Apparently, it has been used by all his descendants for centuries, and everyone seems to
think that's worthy of note.  Maybe it is.  With the late afternoon tours to the well from the Sychar Museum,
noon seems like the most logical time to slip away unnoticed, and get what I need.  
I've got to get me some water.  

"I'm off along the side road that winds around the outskirts of town.  It's the long way around, but I dare not
go through the busier streets.  Besides, it's a pleasant walk.  Of course, I'm doing my usual incognito thing.  I
like to use this walk to figure things out in my head.  I've been hoping that maybe on my 6th attempt, I've
finally found the man I could get along with: you know – "Mr Right."  But, if I'm going to be honest with myself,
my current living arrangement isn't working out all that well either.  

"I see the landmark up ahead where Jacob's Well is.  It's right out in plain sight in the middle of the square.  
Look at that good looking Jewish guy sitting on the edge of it.  Wonder if he's waiting for someone.  He looks
like he could be somebody important.  Guess I'll never know, because Jews don't often trouble themselves to
talk with the likes of me.  Most people are still convinced that mixed races are the lowest life forms around.  
That, and with my lifestyle, I don't have much hope of his acknowledging me.

"I'm a little light headed.  Must be the hot sun.  Is he really talking to me?  What a strong voice, echoing
through me like a voice from another world.  This man is asking me for water.  Is he mocking me, or does he
really mean it?  His smile, his manner, seems so sincere.  Should I turn away?  Why do I feel so compelled to
do what he asks?  If there is a God, I hope God is like this man.

"Now he's offering me water, but he has no rope or bucket.  He's telling me I can have living water;
everlasting life.  He knows about my whole life.  He's like a spring of fresh water.  
Could He be the Messiah?

"I'm not sure what just happened, but I must run out and get as many people as I can to hear this wonderful
man.  He told me I would have eternal life.  He said I'd never be thirsty again.  I'm not going to blow it this
time.  And, I want everyone to know about Him.  I must hurry."

Truly God rescues those who have no power of their own.