"From the ends of the earth we'll hear singing,
Isaiah 24:16

God always has saints who are faithful, regardless of what the state of affairs is.  The heart of the true
believer rejoices in the glory of God, perceives the beauty in apparent ugliness, believes the best in people
even when they aren't doing what is right, and longs to do none other than to bow before God's holy and
majestic presence.  In the midst of chaos and tremendous loss, Haitians who had lost everything they had,
including loved ones, were parading in the street singing praises to the Holy One.  Some literally lost
themselves in praise.

Have you ever been in a huge gathering where hundreds, even thousands of hands were lifted high in
unconditional praise?  The singing becomes a glorious thing to behold and you want nothing other than to
praise and worship your Creator.  You don't want it to ever end.  

Worshipful heartfelt singing when you're alone driving in your car or by yourself anywhere, blesses your
Creator.  It never goes unheeded or unappreciated.  Listening to inspirational Christian music brings you to a
place of praise and worship again and again.  Whether solitary without the masses of people, or in the midst
of hundreds, it's just as meaningful.  The Holy Spirit embraces you and in the presence of holiness you again
find yourself in that familiar aura of praise.  Isaiah, David, and Anna knew this well.   It's okay to lose yourself
in praising God.  Give glory to your Creator.  You will draw nigh into God's presence.