Love and Justice

"act justly and love mercy"
(Micah 3:8)

High profile trials captivate most people and provide ample media exploitation sometimes for months and
certainly beyond our saturation point.  The hope is that justice will be the victor and the bad guys will be
handed down whatever punishment is deemed fitting.  But, most assuredly human justice is flawed at best
and it goes without saying that we have a difficult time understanding God’s justice.  Or perhaps accepting it.  
Rarely is anyone completely satisfied with the outcome of a trial even if they are aligned with the winning
side.  The word justice in itself sounds harsh and rigid, not soft like the words flower and lamb.  
So, if justice doesn’t completely meet with our approval, what would?

How about love?  In reality, love is far more comprehensive than justice.  It doesn’t disregard justice but
rather encompasses it by overlooking human failure by putting into practice Jesus’ exhortation to “go and
sin no more.”  Love doesn’t ignore the sin but shows a passionate concern for the healing of both sides,
particularly in light of eternal souls.  Love seeks healing and restoration with the ultimate goal of redemption,
that of knowing Christ as Savior and ultimately dwelling with Him eternally.