"He humbled Himself and became obedient even unto death,
…..that we might have life more abundantly"
Philippians 2:8, John 10:10

A tax collector was among them.  Some thought he was no better than a licensed thief, and didn't hesitate to
point that out.  Most of them were fishermen, rugged and unschooled, and had no couth.  The gang was led
by a radical son of a carpenter, and even that part was questionable.  None came from privilege.  Who would
ever have imagined that whatever agenda the baker's dozen had, could possibly succeed?

Jesus didn't fit the anticipated persona of a messiah.  He was a radical by all standards, and bucked the
system, breaking Sabbath rules and defying authority both politically and religiously.  The domination of the
Roman Empire with its clout came off as powerfully overwhelming and in control.  

Yet no earthly authority could match the intervention of almighty God, for God is and was and will always be
the ultimate power of love and redemption which controls the world.  God is the alpha and omega, and
humbly walked among us in the person of God's begotten son Jesus, the Christ, the very one who was
promised as our ultimate redeemer from the beginning of time.  The most unlikely rag tag gang of men, of
God's choosing and with God's blessing, left a mark on planet earth unprecedented and unparalleled for all

Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God, and through Him the world witnessed the healing and saving power of
God almighty, moving among us.  At the touch of Jesus upon one's heart, a life is changed forever.  
Redemption from the slavery of sin.  The sick are healed.  Sorrow turns to rejoicing.  Peace of mind replaces

The powers that tried to control the masses – the Pilots and Herods of the day – are long forgotten and are
only names in history books.  But the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ transforms lives throughout the
world today as well as then.  And in that day to come, every knee will surely bow and will surely proclaim that
Jesus Christ is Lord forever and ever.  

We could never have imagined or planned such a route to salvation, or even that there would be one.  That
God's Son would humble Himself and be obedient to His Parent even in the act of giving His life for each one
of us.  That His blood could wash us whiter than pure snow.  And that we'll walk with Him in robes of white
when the plan is fulfilled and eternity is sealed forever.

The most unlikely primitive people became God's vessels.  Maybe then, there's hope for us after all.   Maybe
God could use us too.  Maybe God is waiting for each of us to come to a place where we are willing to be
used.  Maybe.