Alas, Lucifer and his rebellious angels were cast down to Earth.  There they would remain until the time when
their destiny would be fulfilled.  The great arch angel of beauty was now reduced to grovel and to live with his
lies.  His glorious minerals would cover him no more, his musical tones would no longer be a part of his being,
and his elevated position in God’s great Heaven was forfeited forever. Defeat and torture would be his
final judgment.  

But until that time, he could do as he wished along with his fallen angels, which was one third of the heavenly
host.  He would be called Satan and his followers, huge legions of them, would be called demons.  They had
hit bottom: from mountaintop to gutter – the lowest state of existence.  God’s great throne resembled a
mountain, set in the center of planet Heaven and it was over 1000 miles in height, and Satan had been
allowed into God’s presence on the throne at one time, but no more.  He could still rule over his followers, but
that reaped little reward in his now depraved condition.  He and his demon followers would crawl and grovel.  

One day when the timing was right God created a splendid garden on Earth, a special haven for each
creature He was about to form.  This He did.  And then God made a man which He said was “in our likeness”
- that is, in the likeness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  So much alike that God
placed within this man a capacity to reason, and gave him the same emotions as He Himself had, such as the
ability to laugh and cry, to be joyful or be sad, to become righteously angry, and to make choices.  He called
this man Adam, for he was a fine specimen, and God was pleased.  But in time, because Adam possessed
the same emotions as God, he became lonely.  So God put Adam to sleep and took a rib of Adam’s and
created a help-meet.  She was a woman; a “womb-man”, yet also made in God’s image.  God was again
pleased for she was beautiful.  He called her Eve.   

The woman Eve shared the responsibilities of garden upkeep with Adam.  Her emotions were a little different
than Adam’s, her viewpoint and reasoning process slightly different too.  But she was a man of beauty in her
own way, and together they coexisted in true harmony.  She too had been formed in the image of her
Heavenly Father, but she had a womb as Adam did not.  She was the first female of human species created.  
God’s other worlds had males and females, but no man or woman.

Satan had become a slithering thing.  He crawled through the garden in the form of a serpent, for he had lost
his former beauty and splendor.  His mineral covering was no longer, and sounds of organ pipes no longer
made lovely music as he moved.  And just as he had introduced sin into Heaven, for which he had been
expelled, this masterful intruder of all that is wonderful and innocent appeared to Eve as the tempter that he
was.  He had perfected the masking of sin, using flattery and deceit, things which God would not.  Eve could
not resist.  She momentarily forgot her honor to God, and like Satan, she too desired more knowledge and
wisdom.  With her disobedience by taking the forbidden fruit, freedom for all mankind would be forfeited then
and there - forever.          

Satan would continue his assault centuries later, doing all in his power to sway the world into rejecting God’s
only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  He saw in Jesus the same compassion and eternal love which he had seen
in the Father.  He would do his best to hinder the work and message of the only One who could save sinners
from destruction.  His quest for revenge would never cease.  He had hit rock bottom – the gutter – and would
slither his way in the mire and muck, seeking to devour innocent souls.  His hatred would never cease.  His
victories would be brief and unsuccessful.  He was now the scum of the earth.  Yet, it was true then as holds
true now that those who put their trust in Christ as the redeemer have all power over him.  He is doomed
forever.  Christ is the ultimate conquerer.