“Then Jesus went over and touched the coffin.  The pallbearers stopped.  
He called out in a loud voice, ‘Young man, I tell you to get up.’
The young man did, and he began talking, and was returned to his mother’s care.”
(Luke 7:14-15)

Jesus spent a lot of time in Capernaum where he and several of his disciples lived.  It was there that he
encountered the Roman centurion, the one who had the tremendous amount of faith, believing that by Jesus’
spoken word his life partner would be completely healed.  Neither he nor his partner met Jesus in person, yet
the miraculous had occurred.  The neighboring town of Naim was just 10 miles southeast of Capernaum and
could easily be reached by foot in a day.  Not everyone in Naim was aware of the Son of God walking among
them, and some would never accept this reality..  

The incident regarding the dead boy, a teenager, happened as a funeral procession was leaving the town
proper of Naim, while Jesus and his friends were simultaneously arriving.  They were passing each other,
going in opposite directions.  Most likely the casket was being carried to the burial place.    

The mother of the deceased young man was a widow and this was her only son.  She probably had doted
over him and he was her pride and joy.  She would now have no man to support her and the outlook for her
future was not promising.  Jesus felt her pain, her sorrow, and knew her heart.  No doubt he immediately
knew that he was going to raise the young man from the dead.  He would be setting a precedent because
later he would also raise both Lazarus and Jarius’ daughter.    

The members of funeral procession had no idea who Jesus was.  They were tending to their own business:
the pallbearers lugging the casket, the women mourning or possibly crying, and under-standably there was
an air of gloom.  I can picture Jesus stopping in his tracks, the disciples with question marks on their faces,
bracing themselves, expecting the unexpected as they were becoming used to doing, yet the mourners
moving forward attempting to get on with it.  Jesus reaches out and grabs hold of the coffin, jolting the men to
a halt, and expressions of surprise and shock can been seen on everyone’s face, if not annoyance and

There would be no whispering here.  Jesus called out in a loud voice, loud enough for a body inside the
coffin to clearly comprehend “Get up and come out of there.”  The pallbearers were about to have none of
this, but suddenly there was a pounding from within the casket.  It was one of desperation.  They set the
casket down, hands trembling.  The casket was opened.  The teenager sat up and began conversing with
those around him.  His mother was about to faint.  Amazement and shock quickly translated to wonder and
joy.  Tears of sadness turned into tears of happiness.     

Jesus turns to the mother who just minutes ago was despondent and at her wit’s end, and now is beaming
with delight.  “Here is your son.  Your sins are forgiven.  You are eternally loved.”  

“In Him is life, and that life is the light of all who will believe on His name.”
(John 1:4)