“Climb up Mount Nebo.....and view the land of Canaan”
(Deuteronomy 32:49)

Moses and his people were able to view their promised land from atop Mount Nebo.  What an inspiring sight
that must have been.  What hope must have stirred in their hearts.  And what a tragedy that no one from that
generation would live to enter it.  

We don’t have the same kind of vision of our destination as Moses did on Nebo.  Paul the Apostle tells us
that “in the present time we’re looking into a foggy mirror.”  True, but that which we do see is enlightening
enough that we know something spectacular lies ahead.  “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” for
a season.  And that Word was Jesus, and He was full of grace and truth.  He came to uncloud our vision,
to wash our mirrors squeaky clean.

One of the greatest saints of all time as recorded in (arguably) the oldest book in the Bible was Job.  
He got it right.  He proclaimed: “I shall see God.”  He didn’t say he’d see all his friends or that he’d see all the
saints, although he surely would.  He didn’t say he’d be seeing the mansions in glory or the splendid
elements of design as he walked through the richly adorned gates.  He didn’t say he’d be seeing all the
prehistoric animals that’d gone extinct, or that he’d see new colors or that he’d be able to transport himself
at lightening speed like the angels do.  No, he said he would see God.  That’s the same as being in the
presence of God.  Now isn’t that the hope and goal of all believers, the summation of everything Christians
strive for?  

There’s a dark river, calm and serene, which lies yonder for all of us.  David described the situation.  
He called it “the shadow of death.”  It’s only a shadow.  Yes it’s dark.  All shadows are dark.  And they’re
mysterious.  They follow us, and sometimes when the particulars line up we can see them.  We can’t
catch up to them though.  They catch up to us.     

As Christians we can look forward to our eternal home with joyous anticipation.  Easier said than done.  
We’re human and we have fears.  Maybe when David said he’d fear nothing he was trying to comfort himself,
repeating his own words like a mantra enough times so that they’d take hold.  Not a bad idea actually.  
But think of it this way - you’ve prayed, you’ve held you head high in dignity and integrity while following in
the steps of Jesus.  You’ve paved the way, sent it all ahead so that you’re guaranteed a spot, reserved for
yourself your own little throne.  It’s got your name on it.

One day God’s finger will gently tap on your shoulder.  That yonder river so dark will be yours to cross, but
not alone.  Jesus will hold your hand and guide you through it.  The temporary shadow of death will fall away
and you will step into the sunlight.  Up ahead through the gates of gold you will see the pinnacles of the city
which will be your new home.  There will be a custom made crown just for you.  It will fit no one else.  There
will be a throne waiting just for you.  Even Paul the Apostle, or Joshua the leader or Huldah the prophet
cannot sit in your throne.  And there will be no vacancies.  God knows the exact number of redeemed souls
who will inhabit the eternal city.

Our blessed hope is our very own Nebo.  Look across the river with your spiritual eyes to your celestial
abode.  There will be no sorrow there.

1 Corinthians 13:12
John 1:14
Job 19:26
Psalm 23:4