“God said to Moses, ‘I Am who I Am,
That is what you are to say’”
(Exodus 3:14)

Most religions wrap their god inside a package, sometimes neatly and sometimes not so much.  For one
thing, they assign their god a beginning.  Ours, contrastingly, is not “a god,” but is the One true God.  There
will be no other gods allowed in God’s holy presence, no rebellion without dire consequence, whether angelic
or human.  The truth was put so simply to Moses, yet we tend to complicate God in our finite minds. .

Plain and simple, God has made one statement, “I Am who I Am.”  God is and was and will be, and although
God creates, God Himself was never created.  God calls things into being which were not, and yet He was not
called into being.  God just always was - always there, always everywhere.  God makes things, everything,
but was not Himself made.     

The Bible gives us many names of God.  When Moses asked God His name, He called Himself Yahweh.  
The word was so precious to the Jews that they dared not speak it aloud.  So they used Jehovah instead and
were careful to purify themselves whenever they penned His name.  It is important to understand that God
is uncaused, unchanged, and unlimited because that is what makes God God.

Scores of powerful and beautiful attributions have been ascribed to God in sacred Scripture.  We know that
God is our righteousness, our sanctifier, our Immanuel, and our healer.  He is also our truth, our wisdom,
our source, our redeemer, our purifier, the one who is faithful and true, and our source of comfort.  

Every beat of our hearts, every breath we take, is because God ordains and allows it.  Our Creator will take
us home when He desires, He will order our steps whether we think we’re allowing Him to or not, governing
and protecting our lives.  He forgives our trespasses and purposefully forgets they were ever committed.  
God’s love extends throughout the Earth and He dictates who will be blessed with what talents and who shall
endure more difficult challenges than others.  All that God does is just, for the Ancient of Days provides
and takes away as He will.

And throughout our lives, this majestic Being of power and might, ever so carefully caresses us with an
overwhelming love so tender and so precious that we are unable to describe or comprehend it.  Yet at the
same time we are allowed to petition God in prayer, even boldly.  We are not children of a lesser god,
we are children of the holy God almighty.