God desires for us to come to a place in our lives where giving thanks is always on our minds.  Every good
thing we have owned or experienced has been provided by the grace of God.  Our beautiful earth has been
given to us for our enjoyment – the lakes, the hills, the flowers.  All God's creatures have been meticulously
created for our pleasure.   

November 25th cannot be the only day in our year when we pause to reflect on God's bounty;
the day when we give thanks for the food provided for us, celebrating but one of benefits we
continually receive.  God has also given us intimate relationships, friendships, and tangible comforts
of every sort.  

Heaven will be the best of the best.  Golf, pets, interplanetary travel – why not?  Boating & fishing, cooking,
reading books, and how about eating?  Why would we not enjoy sumptuous banquets
set before us by a Heavenly Parent who takes delight in our every pleasure?  

The Bible tells us to enjoy all of God's benefits.  However, we must be mindful, when times are going
well for us, to not let the pleasures blind us from their Source.  These things are given to us that we might
appreciate and worship our Creator.     

.no good thing does God withhold from those whose walk is blameless."
Psalm 84:11