We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.  Jesus is coming again, but he tarries, and there’s a reason why.  Since the 120
saints in the upper room who were in one accord and waiting upon the Lord, Christianity has been in
anything but.  How about countless accords?  Try to get a Roman Catholic to compromise,
or a Baptist, or a Seventh Day Adventist, or anybody else.  We can’t even agree on basic doctrines,
much less social issues like homosexuality and abortion.

Yes, there will be a second coming, a rapture, a day of atonement.  But the world of Christendom isn’t ready.  
Jesus tarries.  We think an oil spill and a few earthquakes are signs of the latter days.  Think again.  
They’re nothing.  They haven’t woken us up or brought us together even in the slightest of ways.  What will it
take to break us down and make us come together in one faith, one doctrine, and one accord?  A lot more
than this.  We’re going to have to experience disasters far greater than the piddily things we’ve seen so far.  
Why, we’re not moved at all.      

Long before the diversity among Christians transforms and becomes as one, the world will be in one accord
in regard to everything else.  The world is far more willing to come to the table and consider alternative views
than the died-in-the-wool Christians are.  There will be one world bank, one world business trade, and
possibly even one currency and language.  Scientists will come together in agreement, many diseases will be
no longer, and astrologers will begin to know that there is indeed a heaven and a pathway through the
galaxies to it.

God will shake this earth, the likes of which we’ve never seen.  Powers and presidents alike will be humbled
and in many ways be leaning toward peaceful coexistence – forced to get the big picture – realizing that all
are created equal.  The diverse segments of Christianity will have to come together at last.  One Lord, one
baptism, one - one - one.  

Jesus tarries, yes.  But it’s not his call.  He will do nothing until the God the Parent, creator of all there is and
will be, speaks the word.  It’s time to stop casually and carelessly overlooking selected scriptures either for
our own convenience or so that we will feel good, and understand that when the Bible says something it
means it.  Every generation has looked to the heavens in hopes of the rapture.  It will happen, but not until
the loving Creator of the universe and all beings therein fall in line with the divine plan.  
There will be no diversity in heaven.

“There is one body and one Spirit
- just as you were called to one hope when you were called -
one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all,
who is over all and through all and in all.”