“You need to know that I have other sheep in addition to those in this pen.
I need to gather and bring them too.  They’ll also recognize my voice.”
John 10:16

It is presumptuous, possibly even narrow minded to think that we’re the only ones going to heaven.  
Jesus himself made reference to this.  There will be souls saved from every tongue and nation.  

What about those who’ve never heard about Jesus?   Well, in the first place, if you live in the United States
today, the chances are slim that you would never have heard of Jesus.  At the very least, at some time in
your life you would have heard something on the radio, or seen a billboard which said ‘Jesus Saves’,
or received a word in some way.  

There was a time, many centuries ago, however, when there were people in isolated circumstances far
removed from standard communication, who believed in a greater power than themselves.  They did their
best with what they had, attempting honest worship without knowing the One whom they looked to as their
higher power.  These are the multitudes of souls waiting outside that huge gate in the outer court of heaven
until Jesus comes to them.  At that point they too will have the choice of trusting Jesus for their salvation or
rejecting him.  It is beyond my thinking that they would reject him, but free choice is free choice, and perhaps
even then there will be those who won’t return the love which Jesus has shown toward them.

So why is Jesus waiting anyway?  Jesus will not return in the great rapture until the Father gives him
permission to do so.  At that time, the time of God’s choosing, God will say “go”, and Jesus will obey.  There
are at least 7 tribes in the jungles not yet reached.  This is an estimate by an Amazon missionary – not
documented as a result of a survey or report.  Our commission is to take the gospel to every corner of the
earth, and until every person has had the opportunity to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, God will hold up
the rapture, lest even one soul be lost.    

At this very moment, Jesus, the carpenter of heaven, is still supervising the expansion of mansions to
accommodate more souls which will enter into the kingdom.  Likewise, the Bible indicates that hell is also
being expanded.  In fact, it has doubled in size.  It is so horrific that God’s back is turned because God
cannot stand to see His very own creation screaming in pain because they chose to reject His love by
rejecting His Son Jesus.  Jesus said that “in my Father’s house are many mansions.”  Absolutely true.  
We will not be the only ones receiving eternal life.