The dimensions of God are timeless, and because of that, God’s declaration to Jeremiah included an
umbrella of grace back then, in the now, and in the future.  We are the continuation of the redeemed ones
who God was referring to in the 580’s BC.  We are the link to the past and the link to future generations.
Their God = our God.

And there are guidelines.  Interpreting David’s first Psalm, “Blessed is the one who doesn’t rely on advice
from unbelievers, who doesn’t hang out with them, and who lives blamelessly without ridiculing others.”
(Psalm 1:1)  Living with, and walking daily with our Savior Jesus Christ results in untold blessings.  Moreover,
there is guaranteed protection.  “Inevitably when you face conflict you will be dressed in holy majesty.”
(Psalm 110:3)  

Those who have dared to embrace a truly personal relationship with Jesus have experienced a fathomless
sea of inner peace, the purest of pleasure, spiritual in nature and impossible to define.  Their inner beings
are bathed in a heavenly bliss, a foretaste of the next life to come, not unlike swimming in the River of Life.  
Imagine swimming through ages uncountable, swimming without impediments or the confinements of shores,
suffused in the consuming love of the Holy Spirit.

What a tremendous promise God has made to us.  God will be
our God.

Our God
“I will be their God”
(Jeremiah 31:33)