Perfect Love

“the Lord spoke kind and comforting words to the angel”
(Zechariah 1:17)

How gently God speaks with His angels.  How thoughtfully He blesses them.  The Bible reveals a lot about
the relationship God has with those who willingly do His bidding and He lovingly calls them servants and
messengers.  The angels deem it an honor to serve Almighty God because God is the embodiment of love
and compassion, slow to anger and immediate to forgive.  

From God’s Heavenly abode with His Son by His side He watches all that He has created, calling it good, and
charting its course from beginning to end, and infinitesimally beyond that.  God charts the course of what we
call history and in His abundant wisdom He charts the direction of each of our lives.  The angels live in God’s
realm and know God personally.  With their being so willing and delighted to serve Him, what a wonderful
example for us follow and do likewise.  

We have been given the freedom to make our own assessments and choices, and while a seemingly
insignificant decision which we make during our day may seem of little significance to us, it may be of great
importance to Heaven in the ordered steps of our destiny, however mysterious from our limited human
perspective.  There is never a moment when God does not desire to cradle us in His loving arms, never a
moment when God desires anything other than blissful intimacy with us.   

In Zechariah 4:6 it says “‘by My Spirit,’ says God Almighty.”  The power of love which created the universe
and every life form contained therein is that which has been directed by the Spirit of God.  From brooding
over the waters to enlightening consciences, the Holy Spirit permeates all of creation, breathes life into the
peoples of the Earth and all things throughout, beneath, and above it.  The very essence of life itself is
birthed and immersed in the all-consuming love of our Creator.  

Nothing, no one, is beyond the reach of God’s perfect eternal love.  God is the source of the joy of
the angels whose every desire is to love and worship Him.  Why would we do less?