Sometimes I'm slow to get it.  There was a hymn written in 1747 by John Wesley titled "Love Divine,
All Loves Excelling".  It's kind of an old church thing and isn't used much anymore.  Around the turn of the
year I found my self humming a line from the hymn which included the words "perfectly restored
(in Thee)" over and over –perhaps in excess of 100 times during a two week period.  
I repeated the words dozens of times, sometimes subconsciously.

My past year had been a rough one.  My partner spent most of the year fighting prostrate cancer, carotid
artery surgery which didn't go well, pneumonia, and possibly the H1N1 virus (undetermined).  From the
stress of being his caregiver, I instantly became a diabetic and acquired a chemical imbalance (formerly
called a nervous breakdown).  I'm now taking 12 drugs a day and another 6 vitamins.   Not fun.  
So, 2009 is a year we would both care to forget.

Finally, in a quiet time on a Sunday morning before church, it dawned on me that the Holy Spirit was trying
to tell me something.  I was to be "
perfectly restored" in 2010.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  
Of course.  Why, I wonder, am I always the last to get it?

God most definitely knows our thoughts; our dreams.  Scripture makes it abundantly clear that God,
in an outpouring of love far beyond our comprehension, desires each one of us to be in an intimate
relationship with our Creator every moment of our lives.  It doesn't happen as a rule and that's because
of us, not God.  We are human day-to-day kind of people.  We know in our hearts that there is an
overwhelming love which is directed toward us, that there is an eventual place of bliss awaiting
our arrival, and that one day we will experience a peace which truly will surpass any comprehension
which we now know.

Ah.  The 18th century song writer caught the message.  Perfectly restored.  That's what we'll all be.  
I know without any doubt that this year I will be perfectly restored back to health.  It's not a debate.   
And I believe that my two best friends, Fred and Mark whom I love so much, will come to know Christ
as savior this year.  I am claiming that they will be perfectly restored to where God wants them –
knowing and loving Jesus; washed in His blood and enjoying a new forgiven life.  I also believe that God is
well able to perfectly restore Charlene's son.  And so on – you get it.  I'm naming them so that
I can't renege on my commitment to hold them up in prayer.

Lets join together and claim by faith that God will perfectly restore everything in our lives that needs
a make-over.  That's an exhaustive grocery list for most of us.

Being confident of this, that God who began a good work in you will see it through to completion"
Philippians 1:6

(a note from my pastor:
 I love the concept of "restoration" -- the scripture that immediately came to my mind
was from Joel where God promises to restore the years that the locusts have eaten.  The various "types" of
locusts -- seem to capture much of what you and Vince have gone through in 2009
-- and now God IS restoring