Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”
(Psalm 150:6)

This is written with my friend Pat Turner in mind.  Like our Creator, she is a lover
and guardian of animals.  Her Portuguese Water Dog named Cutty has gone to
Heaven and she can be assured that one day she and her dog will be reunited.

Three of the most important events in Christian history involve a man surrounded by animals.  
Adam who represented humanity was asked to care for all the animals in God’s exquisite garden which was
called Eden.  Noah was asked to rescue and preserve every species of God’s animals from the great flood.  
Both men were literally surrounded by animals.  And thirdly, our Savior Jesus was also surrounded by
animals when He was brought into this world in a lowly manger.  

Should we speculate about God’s concern for the animals?  There’s no need to.  Scripture tells us over and
over that God has lovingly created all things.  In Romans the Apostle Paul states that all of creation groans
under the pressure of original sin and that includes the animals.  Unlike us however, they didn’t sin and fall
from grace whereby they were in need of a redeemer in order to qualify for Heaven.  But because of us and
our original sin through Adam and Eve they also slipped from their former state.  

In the garden not only did the serpent stand erect, but he had a verbal conversation with Eve.  
And Scripture says he was “more crafty” than the other creatures which means that he wasn’t the
only animal with intelligence.  In Numbers we read that Balaam’s donkey audibly spoke, and in Revelation
it says the eagle will fly throughout the skies calling out in a loud voice.  

We look forward to a new Heaven and a new Earth because along with that all things will become
new - enhanced and sinless and completely pleasing to God.  There’s every reason to believe that the
animals just like us will be restored to their original state and more, and they will once again talk with us

And as a reminder, there were animals which roamed planet Earth long ago that became extinct after sin
entered the world.  We can look forward to meeting the agriarctos which was the ancestor to the giant panda,
or the chalicotherium which was a cross between a horse and a gorilla, or the popular dinosaur, and scores
more.  In that glorious day which we all look forward to, they will sing and give praise to the Lamb of God
along with us.  You can count on it.

The assurance that we will have our pets in our next existence is solid.   Of course we will.  After all,
Scripture tells us that Jesus Himself will return on a white horse.  Last time I checked, a horse still qualified
as an animal.              

Pets in Heaven
Portuguese Water Dog