(Jesus said) "God is a Spirit, and must be worshiped in spirit and truth".
John 4:24

Our lives could possibly be divided into four segments.  We have our finances and everyday responsibilities
to take care of.  We have our employer or business, and various pastimes and hobbies.  We have the social
and cultural part which might include relationships, politics, and the interaction within our church families.  
And we have our spiritual relationship with our Creator.  

They might take precedence in that order, but in reality are not what they should be.  They are all necessary
and good, except they're in reverse order.  With a conscious effort and minimal discipline,
we can adjust that.      

The only part of any of us which will be translated to the next dimension is our spirit.  It's the only part
of us that no one can see (yet).  How much time, then, have we spent feeding our spirits?

David got it.  Psalm 63:1, "
my soul thirsts for you".

In the person of Jesus Christ, God has given us concrete evidence of the presence of the Almighty.  What
our spirits crave is God.  We were created for that purpose.  All the uneasiness within us is because we are
lacking an intimate relationship with our God through our spirits.  We can look forward to the day when we will
not only enter into God's presence, but we will literally live within God's presence.

Hebrews 12:14, "
without holiness no one will see the Lord".

II Corinthians 3:18, "
beholding the glory of the Lord, we are transformed into the same image from one
degree of glory to another".

Our spirits are our souls.  One day we will see God exactly as God is.  We will be perfect and beautiful beings
as we become the exact likeness of God's image, taking on God's holiness
because of the cleansing power of the blood of the Lamb.

We need to check the order of our priorities.