“…..with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord
(Acts 11:23)

One of the definitions of the word purpose found on the On Line Dictionary Is “a fixed design, outcome,
or idea that is the object of an action or other effort.”  In other words, a deliberate decision and resulting
action.  I don’t know about you, but I find that there are some days when I have a lot more energy than
others.  Maybe it’s an aging thing.  But on the days when I have a specific purpose or goal in mind, I am so
determined to make it happen that nothing is going to stop me.  I find a way to get it done.

There are times when I don’t feel fulfilled – nothing’s wrong, but nothing’s right either.  That means that I
have stepped outside of my purpose; sidestepped my vision.  The apostle Paul exhorts us to keep our eyes
on the prize.  The prize is the reward that comes from serving Jesus.  It brings peace of mind and beyond
that the ultimate reward will be living with Him forever in Heaven.

Have you ever thought about what things excite you or make you happiest?  The Bible says that women shall
prophesy, young men will see visions, and older men will dream dreams (Joel 2:28).  The things we envision
and dream about can become our purpose, our goal.  If your life is full up of things which are just taking up
space, but your heart isn’t in them, then you need to trade them in for the thing which you dream about,
something that evokes your passion.  Within you there are ideas and wishes of things you’d love to do,
but all your time is taken up with things you’d rather not be doing.  
It’s time to change it up.  

A lot of dreams are buried along with their owners in cemeteries.  Now is a good time to turn that around by
purposing in your heart to first cleave unto the Lord, and secondly to ask God’s guidance to help you fulfill
your purpose.  If you think you don’t have one, then start dreaming one.