“The fruit of righteousness will be quietness and peace;
the effect of righteousness will be a quiet confidence forever.”
(Isaiah 32:17)

Some people live in noise.  Music blasting, loud boisterous conversations, trucks roaring, horns blaring,
hollering and yelling, horrendous machinery, planes taking off, hustle and bustle of city sounds, and so on.  
These same people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if it all suddenly went away, and many immerse
themselves in noise as an escape from having to be caught alone with God.  The quiet presence of God can
be frightening to someone unsaved.

When I was younger I wasn’t necessarily surrounded by a lot of racket.  From a noise standpoint my
exposure was normal and it wasn’t until I was in my early twenties and I visited a school teacher in Sioux City,
Iowa that I realized how powerful quietness was.  She lived in a quaint little house on a hill in farm country.  
Miles and miles of corn fields and little else.        

During those tranquil nights I experienced something which became special.  The star-studded sky
canopying Iowa was so bright that even in the absence of a moon I didn’t need a flashlight.  The crickets’
sounds were deafening until around midnight when all at once they stopped and everything would become
completely still.  It was so silent that I couldn't sleep.  I could clearly hear my own breathing.  On several
nights I got up and went outside to immerse myself in this phenomenon of silence and with those moments
came a time-transcending, overwhelming awareness of the presence of God.

Isaiah tells us that a righteous person will find true peace and contentment in the quiet presence of God.  
And not only will righteousness produce a peace of mind, but with that will come an everlasting confidence.  
God asks us to stop everything and be quiet and out of will grow an increasing awareness of
God’s Holy presence.