“I have set my rainbow in the clouds…..
whenever the rainbow appears, I will see it and remember our covenant”

(Genesis 9:13, 16)

There are plenty of people who ascribe to other religions who think our beliefs are quirky.  Even those who
grew up in this Christian nation who are outside of Jesus’ fold can’t understand the concept of a Trinitarian
God.  And certainly the concept is not in line with Jewish thought.  It’s difficult enough for us to comprehend
God in three persons, and we’re the very ones holding the faith and belief.  Our minds aren’t big enough to
grasp a huge glorious being who is a parent, a son, and a best friend all in one.  We can’t even understand
a being who isn’t human; one who is somehow a Spirit, and one who might even have wings as indicated
in Scripture.

No wonder the Holy Spirit remains a great mystery.  We know that the very Spirit of God hovered over the
waters at creation the day before God brought light into being.  We also know that “day” most likely had
nothing to do with a 24 hour time period.  The Spirit’s powerful presence changed the chaos into conformity.  
According the David, the Spirit also had plenty to do with the creation of the heavens.  Being synonymous
with the breath of God, when the Holy Spirit departs from a human being, that person is what we call dead.  
Contrastingly, in the book of Ezekiel when the Holy Spirit’s breath entered into bones long decayed, the
bones returned to flesh and blood.       

We know the Holy Spirit to be the author of prophecy, giving utterance to prophets in the Old Testament,
saints in the New Testament, and to the Christians of today who speak in tongues of angels.  The Apostle
Paul was always describing the work of the Spirit with references to gifts of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, in other words, does plenty.  What does the Holy Spirit look like?  If I were a betting man I’d
say that almost everyone’s response would be that no one has ever seen the Holy Spirit.  But true
theologians would argue that that’s not necessarily accurate.  The Holy Spirit took on the form of a dove and
descended when Jesus was baptized by John.  The Holy Spirit appeared as fire on the tongues of believers
at Pentecost.  When the Holy Spirit wants to take a form, by all means it’s a done deal, although He rarely
chooses to.       

Remarkably, not only has everyone, saved or not, seen the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but everyone has
seen Him hundreds of times.  Reference to the Holy Spirit’s gender, by the way,  IHe is appropriate because
God is a triune Being of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  All are one in the same, non-human and

When God made the covenant with Noah, and thus all of humankind, the Holy Spirit manifested Himself as a
multicolored arch in the sky.  In reality the rainbow is not an arch, but a circle.  Ask any airline pilot or refer to
the book of Revelation.  The rainbow is another way of the Holy Spirit showing Himself.  He is not only
responsible for color, He is color.  The gay community couldn’t have possibly known that in selecting the
rainbow as their identification that they were honoring the Holy Spirit.  The seal of the Holy Spirit rests upon
the gay community as well as any other community, a fact in which gays can legitimately celebrate.  Not that
all gay and lesbian people have come to a place where they understand and comply with God’s standards.  
Far from it.  There’s a long way to go,  and most haven’t a clue.  Yet.  

Truly Colossians 1:22 speaks to the gay community: “…..reconciled by Christ’s physical body through death
to present you holy in His sight, without blemish and free from accusation.”