The waves were thrashing against the boat and we were being tossed without mercy.  We feared for our
lives.  Peter’s big boat wouldn’t save us this time.  It was the black of night about 3 AM when we saw a figure
walking toward us.  We all saw it.  Terror struck us fishermen like never before.  

“I am here for you.  Have no fear”, Jesus called forth.  Impossible as it seemed, it was true.  I was pleading
from within my soul, “Jesus, Lord, have mercy on us.”

“If it’s really you, command me to come to you” our impetuous Peter yelled.

“Come then”, Jesus said.

He gave it no thought.  Typical.  He just impulsively kicked his legs over the side, jumped, and started walking
toward the Master.  His senses became numb, oblivious to anything going on around him.  He could feel the
wet and he knew his garment was getting soaked around his ankles, but it didn’t bother him.  The wind was
howling but he could barely hear it.  Or feel it.  He was focusing on the One who said “come”.  This was his
Rabbi whom he tenaciously served, the friend he loved.  Beneath him the uninviting water was dark and
deep.  The air was cold, the waves tumultuous, but no matter, he was going to his Master.  He would keep his
focus on Him.  All would be well.    

No one would believe he was walking on water, thought Peter.  Could the other disciples see him?  He dared
not look back over his shoulder.  Focus, focus.

Suddenly it occurred to him that he must be out of his mind.  What did he think he was doing?  He couldn’t
walk on water.  Nobody could except the Master.  The relentless waves were now forcing an unsteadiness in
his gait.  He felt his wavering feet getting colder, wetter.  It wasn’t natural to do this.  He was now sinking, and
he was so close.  He could almost reach out and touch Him.  O, to touch Him.

“Master, Master, help me, I’ll drown!” cried Peter as his body began slipping down into the unrelenting sea.  
He was sinking further, the cold water now up to his chest.  His Master was his only hope.  

Jesus had now drawn closer and in an instant His strong hand pulled Peter up with no effort at all, and
together, hand in hand, they walked back to the boat.  The other disciples helped Peter in.  I watched in
awe.  Our Rabbi got in on His own, but I didn’t notice how.  He wasn’t even wet.  As if the whole universe were
at His command, the wind ceased instantly at His spoken word.  Too, the waves subsided without incident
with a loud sound like the snap of a whip.  Everything was still and silent.  What just happened?  

He did it.  He had mercy on us.  We’re all safe.  Again.

Matthew chapter 14