Young David wasn’t even a consideration.  Whatever equation was in place, David was not part of it as far as
men knew.  But then, neither was the unprecedented replacement of King Saul.  God, after all, anointed Saul
to be king in the first place, and now God was telling His servant Samuel to scrap plan A and go to plan B;
that being the anointing of another man.    

There’s no question that Samuel intended to obey whatever God directed him to do, but surely he went
through his changes; likely going through a period of arguing with both God and himself.  Saul’s erratic
behavior was obvious, but was it bad enough for God to make such a dramatic move?  True, Saul had no
peace.  And if he had no peace he had no power.  What good’s a king without power?  Samuel came around
when he thought it through.  We all do when we try to look at things from
God’s perspective.     

As instructed, Samuel was to select from the line-up of the sons of Jesse whichever young man God directed
him to.  God would show the priest Samuel His choice at the right time.  The father of the brood was Jesse
and he was virile to say the least.  There were plenty of sons to pick from, a total of eight, of which seven
whose names are recorded, and two daughters.  And not only was each one physically acceptable, each one
was over the top.  Today’s term would be ‘hot’.  Undeniably the best pedigree of all time.  No wonder this was
the lineage which led to Jesus.     

When it all came together, Samuel went down the line, probably placing his hands on the broad shoulders of
each son, one at a time, and looking to God for the okay to go ahead and anoint the young man God
wanted.  Imagine Samuel’s confusion when none of the sons qualified.  What was going on?  Didn’t Samuel
get it right?

You know the story.  Out on the hillsides tending sheep was the youngest son David.  No one thought of
him.  He wasn’t even fully grown.  But he was growing in another way.....growing in God’s grace.  The truth
has always been that people grow in the hard times, not the good times.  That’s what David was doing.  
Overlooked by humans, yet clearly seen by God.  David was doing his job and waiting.  Waiting upon the
Lord.  Scripture says he was ruddy and handsome.  Just like his brothers.    

To the amazement of the rest of the tribe, young David was summoned, and sure as day he was the one God
was prepared to anoint to be king.  Who knew?  Certainly not the other brothers, nor whoever was serving
with Samuel in the temple.  This, the very same David who killed the giant Goliath with a slingshot and a
stone.  The very same David who became the one who stole
God’s own heart.  The very same David who was bi-sexual.     

Talk about ridiculous.  Well, not so fast - maybe not.  Does God not always choose the ones who seem the
most unlikely candidates?  If you haven’t observed this, then you need to take a closer look at Scripture.  
God knew all about David even before he was conceived in his mother’s womb.  How do I know that?  The
Bible says so.  But what about the love of his life, Jonathan?   Gee, could God have missed that?  Nope.  
That would be saying that God makes mistakes, and that’s an argument not on the table.  

God knew Saul would serve His purposes for a time.  God knew David would replace him.  
God knew David’s sexuality.  To give God credit for anything less is where the ridiculous part comes in,
and it’s not on God’s behalf, it’s ours.

“Rise (Samuel) and anoint him;
he is the one.”

(I Samuel 16:12)