“I (Jesus) have come that they might have life,
and have it more abundantly”.
John 10:10

If I were to write one page in my diary to myself, a page which would speak to me rather than you, what would
I say?  I doubt that I’m alone when it comes to this being the season to reflect on the past year and make
resolutions for the coming year.  It happens like clockwork.  In a self-pitying state my brain wants to flood
itself with negatives.  Either I didn’t come through on the things I determined I would do, or circumstances and
other people fell short of my expectations.  Both ways – not good.

This year I thought maybe I could find something wonderful, inspirational, or uplifting on TV.  Two evenings
before Christmas there was a choral presentation from the University of St Thomas in Wisconsin.  Thank
goodness I caught it because it was not to be missed.  Beautiful young people singing of their Savior.  
And then Concordia University from Minnesota.  Same thing.  Another blessing.  Downhill from there because
the bulk of TV was business as usual, which included an assortment of dumb Christmas themed movies
along with the regular sit-coms and crime dramas.  God forbid there should be anything exalting Christ even
on His birthday.  Seems that Santa and presents take center stage these days.

Christmas morning came, and I had already been let down by friends who were supposed to meet us for our
traditional Christmas morning breakfast.  Guess that tradition is over.  Leafing through my diary pages, it was
only a year ago when I thought we were meant to be best friends for life.  I told them so because I believed it.  
And here am I, discouraged again.  These two friends continue to be unsaved and I continue to pray for
them.  So it goes.    

I looked on face book and there was the usual garbage.  Mostly females sending ridiculous immature one-
liners back and forth.  My how face book has taken a plunge.  One guy on TV was saying that this was his
year of “unfriending” his face book friends.  I did my share of that this year and there are more to come.  
Are they really friends?  Nope.  When I reflect on all the disappointments I alone have experienced, it’s no
wonder that so many people become suicidal during the holiday season.  

The summary I would write to myself is that this world is unquestionably straying further and further away
from God.  Most people embrace just enough Christianity to make them moral.  Or are they?  
I have a neighbor who is unwavering in sending “stuff” though emails.  You know; the usual stuff
that’s been passed around and around, inviting viruses and scams.  Much of it is off-color.  Yet she’ll be the
first to announce that she is a recent and satisfied convert to Catholicism.  She attends church regularly, but
where is her allegiance?  Certainly not to Jesus.  She typifies most people whose God isn’t first, isn’t second,
isn’t third, or even fourth.  God pretty much just isn’t on her mind.

But, dear diary, if I dwell on the negatives, the desires of my heart will not come into being.  For I have been
to a unique place where I know no one else has traveled.  I have been on the inside of a miracle and faith
healing ministry, I have sat with a man who was literally taken to Heaven for 51/2 Earth days, and I know more
about God than just about anyone I’ve ever met including clergy of any description.  Sure, it’s gloomy out
there, but unless I’m totally off track, it all that points to the triumphal return of Jesus not being too far away.  
Boy, He’s got to be discouraged!  Hope the rapture is soon.

What I do know is that the blessings of God surely outweigh the darkness of the world.  The love of Jesus
outshines and outlasts all else.  He is the only reason I live.  Because of Him I breathe,
because of Him I believe.  His light hasn’t gone out.  I’ve just sometimes allowed it to be hidden behind the
disingenuousness which surrounds me.  My calling is to share His light, to illuminate lost souls,
to bring the love of Jesus to hearts systematically alienated.    
* * *
What earthly legacy can an aging person leave behind?  With the passing of but one generation,
no one will be visiting my grave, or yours either.  Gone, forgotten, end of story.  When our souls are in
Heaven, how many others will also be there because of us?  Should that not be our true legacy?  Perhaps
this year our primary resolution should be of a different nature.  God so loved His creation that, appearing as
a little baby Jesus, He lowered Himself and came to us so that we could be reunited with Him.  That was the
only way redemption with our Heavenly Parent was possible.  Should we not be doing everything we
physically can to help others understand this wondrous gift?  
I resolve to do better.  Will you too?