Right Behind The Stars

It's so loud we can't hear ourselves think.  The lightening is snapping like a whip and the thunder rolling in
waves throughout the heavens like billows of the sea.  There is no hiding behind clouds for they are puffy
cheeked in laughter and the little seraphim are flying about in gleeful bliss.  The heavens and all that is in
them have broken forth in joy and unending praise.  All of creation sings as one voice in perfect harmony.  
The music is glorious, the scale multiplied a hundred fold with notes and chords never before heard.  Every
creature is singing praises to the Holy One and they are spread across the skies as one gigantic choir.  A
multitude of new colors radiate the heavens.

We're not at our destination yet, for the New Jerusalem is still ahead and veiled.  We almost passed    
something joyous happening back over there right behind that cluster of stars.  There are millions of venture
closer, their glistening white robes almost too much for our eyes to bear.  Behind the stars we fly like sky
gliders swooping down from a mountain top and are greeted with an enormous banquet table as far as the
eye can see.  The sign reads:
The Wedding Supper Of The Lamb.  It's hand written in gold across the

The table is adorned in the finest of pure white linen with tableware of precious jewels.  There are miles of
sumptuous food waiting to be enjoyed, and multitudes of jubilant receptionists saved by God's generous and
all-encompassing grace who are begging us to enter in, eager to meet us and to exchange testimonies of
redemption.  There are Old Testament saints present - Moses, Elijah, Deborah, and more.  Did you do a
double take too?  Are the stars actually waving to us?  

We await the entrance of Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We are washed in the fountain of
blood which flowed from His veins.  We owe Him everything for He has taken us as His bride.  He was not
content bringing us to salvation, but has insisted that we sit with Him and share the feast of victory, for we are
overcomers.  He will have His bride as His equal, withholding nothing from we who love Him.  We are about to
eat at His banquet table and drink from His cup, and look upon Him as He is, the resplendency of God's
purity and glory.  The presence of love overwhelms us, our bodies tingling in ecstasy.

Let us prepare for the feast.      

Revelation 19:9