“Those who reject God shall be as though they had never existed.  
You won’t even remember them, but if in theory you did, no matter how hard
you looked for them you’d never find them.”
(Isaiah 37:10)

Imagine living a long life, one of prosperity and happiness, surrounded by friends and admirers, having
travelled to your heart’s content, having worked and played hard, and maybe even having accomplished
something important on planet Earth, only to be forever forgotten on planet Heaven as though you’d never
existed.  Without trusting in Jesus as your personal Savior your life will end at the grave with no hope of
a blissful experience ahead.  If someone in Heaven, no matter how close they were to you, can’t even
remember you at all, that’s bad enough, but it gets a lot worse.  Those who get sucked into the lie,
who flatter themselves into believing that God’s only attributes are ones of all forgiving love no matter what,
have a big shock waiting for them.  

Scripture is blatantly clear that God’s mercy and justice includes eternal punishment of the most horrific kind
for those who have rejected His only begotten Son.  Jesus’ dying on the cross at Calvary and subsequently
rising from the grave, conquering death and Hell, settled the matter eternally.  God’s law requires reciprocity.  
Here are God’s own words as recorded in Exodus 34:6-7,
“The Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-
suffering and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and
transgression and sin,
and that will by no means clear the guilty.”

Self-absorbed sinners constantly receive God’s gifts without acknowledging their Giver.  They pleasure
themselves in all that the world can offer but have no interest in Heaven.  How can they possibly think
anything is going to change in the next life?  They’re made their decisions right now.  Living in rebellion to
God has disqualified their extended existence.  Bliss will be exchanged for pain and suffering unlike anything
they could imagine, even though they choose not to imagine it.  If they have no interest in Heaven,
certainly Heaven has no interest in investing in them.  No sense preparing someone for a reality which will
never be theirs.  

What do you think?  Could someone spend their entire life ignoring the love of God and expect to suddenly
become spotless and white and covered by the blood of the One they rejected, transported to the eternal
kingdom and escorted into the presence of the Holy of Holies, into the highest state of perfection?  Absurd,
isn’t it.  Let’s face it; an eternity of love and peace, not only in the presence of our Almighty Creator, but
among God’s worshippers whose only objective is to do just that, would be torture for them.  Thus, they have
excluded themselves from the benefits of Heaven, never to be remembered by anyone!

Every idle word they ever muttered will be brought into the open and they will have to have account for each
one.  Guilty as charged, they will be discarded as rubbish into the pit of Hell where they will carry those very
words, all of them, with them always, never to be forgotten.  The pit will be fathomlessly deep and blistering
hot and that will be their justice infinitesimally.  The sides of the pit will be as grease and oil and no matter
how hard they try to climb out, they will never be successful, sliding back down into the fire every time.  
It is so terrible that God will not even cast His eyes upon it.  God turns the other way.    

Satan, in his final attempt, will accuse the believers.  He will accuse those same saints who chose to love
and adore Jesus as their Savior.  He’ll bring up words spoken by those who are the Great Shepherd’s sheep,
His cherished blood-washed ones, to no avail.  Jesus will glance over to the Holy One and say “This one is
mine.”  The saints have also spoken idle words, but their idle words will be cast into The Sea of
Forgetfulness, a very real sea in Heaven, as though they had never been uttered.   

There’s an expression “not for beginners.”  No, Hell is “not for beginners” because those who are going there
have had plenty of practice.  They’re not beginners at all.  Better it will be for the worst of the sinners to
accept Jesus on their death bead than for the one who has led a wonderful life by worldly standards,
yet has rejected the Son of God.