Jeremiah 49:23
“…..for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted;
there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet”

Jeremiah recorded what he saw in the world 2600 years ago.  Nothing’s changed because we can see the
same conditions with us today.  We still experience natural tragedies, wars and rumors of wars.  Innocent
people are dying from starvation or genocide.  Casualties resulting from conflicts number in the tens of
thousands, millions.  Parents are burying their children.  AIDS and other pandemics continue to spread
throughout the globe.  Hearts are broken and bodies literally shut down.  The whole earth travails, moaning
and groaning, fulfilling Scripture.  Be comforted that this sorrowful state is not our destiny;
this is just our walk-through.  

Miraculously there is a land where there’ll be no more sea of sorrow.  A time and a place which we can only
imagine.  Jesus told us that He was going before us to make ready our dwellings in the next dimension.  
We’ve had glimpses.  Scripture has opened small portals for us to look through, and there have been a few
people who have either been translated briefly to heaven either physically or by way of a vision.  It’s all good,
and looking forward to entering into our next life is what every Christian embraces.  A caged bird may have a
happy life, but it instinctively knows that there’s a better life of freedom outside the cage where it’s supposed
to be.  We too know within our beings that we’re destined for a better place.

The concept, the hope, is not even limited to Christians.  Other religions look forward to the same thing.  
Does “many mansions” include them?  Just throwing it out there.  Time will tell.

The question is right up there with “Is there life on other planets?”.  From my point of view the answer is no.  
Once done with naming all the animals, I don’t think Adam finished with his task of naming the planets before
he was expelled from the garden, so most other planets went unnamed, and all of them incomplete; put on
hold.  When it’s all over and there’s a new heaven and a new earth, there’s a probability that we’ll be
traveling to the other planets plenty, and they’ll be bustling with life.  Don’t believe the Adam and Eve story?  
Well, your loss.  If you discard too much of God’s Word, it ceases to become that very thing for you.  
Then what is there to go by?       

Do not be consumed with the cares of this world.  Jesus said the poor will always be with us.  There will
always be concerns and heartaches, wars and rumors of wars.  Look up, our redemption is coming.  
Soon there will be sorrow no more.