Planet Heaven was in a state of pure bliss.  All of creation worshipped their holy God who sat upon his
mountain in splendor and glory.  His love and compassion abound throughout, permeating every living
thing.   Lucifer was the splendid arch angel, the most magnificent of them all, clothed in mineral radiance
and exhaling beautiful tones like that of organ pipes as he moved about.  But his pride caused him to misuse
his freedom of will, perverting truth ever so subtly at first, and by reason of his brightness he rebelled against
Almighty God, Creator of all things.  As Lucifer kept coming at God with more demands and less allegiance,
he was able to convince one third of the heavenly host of angels of his position by introducing doubt into
their minds.  They demanded more knowledge and authority which belonged only to the trinity.  Lucifer
presented outright false claims and a spirit of discontent began to abound among some angels.  God, in his
mercy and compassion, long tolerated Lucifer’s accusations, offering pardon if Lucifer would repent.  Finally,
God had had enough and cast Lucifer and his discontented followers far down to the earth.  God’s would not
allow his government to be threatened.  Perfection must remain perfection.   

This was an uncomfortable spectacle.  Never before had such an outburst or upheaval occurred.  All of the
angels, high and low watched, stunned, speechless.  They hadn’t seen this coming.  How could they?  There
was no precedent.  The far side of Heaven, which held a window open to all of eternity from which God had
traveled, watched too.  Created beings of great intelligence and devotion stood in awe.  Lucifer had dared to
challenge God’s government and the terrible results bore testimony to the power of God.  The four great
Cherubim beings who governed the universe ceased attending the coals before the throne, and they, too,
stood quietly in place.  The far planets in eternity gasped, their inhabitants, the beautiful beasts of wonder
could not understand how Lucifer could possibly do this.  How ungrateful and unwise.  The inhabitants of
their worlds would not follow Lucifer as he had hoped.  The arch angels wept.  The Seraphim hid their many
faces under their wings.  God’s very own wings were downcast.  

Heaven stood still in silent horror.  An eerie gloom prevailed in the deafening silence.

From this point on, through all of eternity to come, this act of rebelion would continue to serve both as a
testimony to the consequences of sin, and to the mercy and benevolence of a holy God.  All intelligent
beings would now understand sin and its consequences.  

But it wasn’t over.  God knew that when he created man to enjoy the Garden of Eden, that his visits to his
friend Adam in the cool of the day would soon end.  Eve would be weak.  Lucifer would become Satan and he
would crawl as a filthy serpent into the garden where the spiritual bond between God and man would be
broken.  Sin would be introduced to humankind.  So God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
needed to come up with a plan of salvation if humankind was ever to be reunited with God as intended.  
Jesus said he would go.  He would become as one of the created beings and give his life for the redemption
of those who, by their free will, could choose to follow him.  But he couldn’t do it alone.  The Holy Spirit would
have to come when the time was right and make it happen.  Jesus would need to be
lifted from the grave.               

God the Father would be one with Christ the Son.  He would therefore reconcile the sinners back to Himself.  
Jesus would be given a name which was above every name.  A name which he deserved.  The world would
see that the government of God is forever perfect and unmovable.  Love and justice would prevail as they
should.  Once again, all of creation would willingly honor and worship their Creator.  Bliss would be restored.  
The created human beings would again be able to live with God for all of eternity.  They would meet the
beings from other worlds.  They would have all wisdom and understanding.  They would see God.  
Their sins would be cast into the Sea of Forgetfulness.  

And now we know God’s huge white wings will forever be lifted high.  Creation will continue.  
God will continue traveling through eternity.  Life and light will be called into being wherever He goes.