So Great a Salvation

“These are things even angels desire to understand”
(I Peter 1:12)

They were kings in their own right according to Scripture.  Exactly how the three wise men comprehended the
importance of the Savior’s birth is unclear.  But God has ways of speaking to us on the inside, zeroing right
into our hearts and consciences.  We do know that through an angelic  messenger God vocally announced
to a few Hebrew shepherds in the solitude of a quiet night that part of God’s own being would enter planet
Earth as a tiny baby through a virgin’s womb.  As for the wise men, maybe the brilliant star which suddenly
stood out on its own was enough to entice the three astrologically inclined kings to diligently follow it.  And
maybe it took them awhile to decide to do it.  After all, they came loaded with Christmas presents and that
required some foresight.  

The scene in the make-do motel must have been one of contrasts.  Lowly shepherds arriving on foot, maybe
even barefooted and whose eyes were as big as saucers, as well as royalty arriving on camels which was
comparable to travelling in limousines.  Okay, there’s a good chance that the three Magi didn’t show up until
a couple of years later, but better late than never.  The point is that they all were supernaturally destined.  
God called it into being and you can’t fight that, nor would you want to.

God even designated a massive choir of angels to herald the event.  The confounding part to them was they
couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of salvation.  Before humans were created there had never been a need
for such a thing.  And here they were, selected to be in a choir to witness the most awesome event which had
ever occurred.  What the angels did know was that it was a glorious vital pivot point, and to their amazement
they would soon find out that humanity would be able to comprehend their own redemption to a greater
degree than they.  Humans had indeed been predestined for eternal deliverance from the bondage of sin.  

Only 33 years later that same Jesus would die and descend into hell conquering death once and for all and
He would rise again to deliver us from that which we would be incapable of accomplishing on our own.  Very
little if anything would change on the outside but our hears and minds would do an about face.  We, too,
would have a rebirth - not physical, but spiritual in nature.  We would take on the image of Jesus Christ
understanding that He was the Emanuel; God with (among) us.  Our point of view would be altered, our
hearts transformed from a dark place to an enlightened place.  Because Jesus died for our sins, not only do
we experience the unique joy of souls set free but we can proclaim with certainty to others the mystery of so
great a salvation.