(a reflection)

My mother had an expression "
Take a chance – Columbus did".  It always drew a laugh, and she normally
said it during a friendly game of cards.  Well, it's another year.  The last one probably didn't turn out as good
as you wanted it to be, did it?  Mine certainly didn't.

Many people become depressed during the holidays.  Memories flood their heads of dear ones who have
died, friends they've lost contact with, missed opportunities in business and friendships, and loneliness sets
in.  Some experience a self-imposed withdrawal, both mentally and physically.  

We've all experienced those special moments when we have absolutely known without any doubt that Jesus
was leading us.  We've felt His loving presence.  But somehow something changed and Jesus again become
distant.  We had hopes and plans, but they alluded us and we lost our vision.  The friends we've put our trust
in disappointed us, and we are once again left to our own devices to get through more challenges with no
one to lean on.  We've prayed to know God's will, and at times we thought we did, but again we came to a
place where we hadn't a clue.  

It's a new year.  A new beginning.  January is resolution time.  It's time to take a chance on doing something
you've wanted to do, but haven't really explored.  Victorious living could be our mantra for this new year.  
We're still in the race; we just haven't grasped the goal clearly.  It's time to rethink, reevaluate, readjust, and

Deliberately determine to be kinder.  Be deliberate in making new friends and reconnecting with long
standing ones.  Love others as Jesus has asked us to do.  Take care of those less fortunate with whatever
means you can.  Do all things as though you were doing them unto Jesus Himself.  
Guess what… are!

Take a chance – Columbus did!