Psalm 56:8
“Lord, You have collected all my tears and have preserved them in a bottle”

We all have the image in our minds of the bottle floating on the waves of the ocean, stuffed with a
message of desperation scrawled almost illegibly on a multi-folded piece of paper.  A Kevin Costner movie
was based on that scenario.

The verse above, casually translated, conjures up a beautiful image.  It indicates that there is no waiting
period when we pray; that God instantly listens to us.  It also indicates that when we are drawn to tears, that
God gathers those tears.  They become as heavenly notes of music softly playing in the background
throughout the eternal kingdom.  Tears are gathered as they flow – dearly anticipated,
treasured, cared for, stored, and loved.  

Simple sincere words, not lofty ones, will catch God’s immediate attention.  How many professional  
prayers pre-written, carefully detailed, and eloquently read before large gatherings of prideful people touch
the heart of God?  Probably none of them.  Lofty empty words.  Humility and sincerity had long
been forgotten before the speech was presented.  God left the room and went on to other things.  
A simple humble prayer from the heart would have done it.

Every prayer is heard and honored if the person praying, young or old, is receiving Jesus into his or her
heart, or is praying in the name of Jesus as mediator.  Not only does God listen to our prayers,
but He loves to hear them.    

One day all our tears will be shown to us, for they are God’s honored possessions, preserved for eternity.  
The Holy One is pleased when we are moved to tears, for He has placed that emotion within us.  It is not
meant to be a weakness or an embarrassment, but a sign of the sincerity of our hearts.  These tears are
as sparkling jewels in His presence.  His Son Jesus died for those very tears.

One day the Book of Remembrance will be opened and the fragrance from the tears of all the saints
will fill the air, for they will have been collected as in a bottle.  

“God had a Book of Remembrance drawn up in which the names were recorded
of those who honored Him and loved to think about Him”
Malachi 3:16