Monday, May 23, 2010

Last evening Vince and I drove down to our friends’ house for dinner.  We four are together a lot -
we’re very close.  If any of you met these two guys, you would instantly love them. They’re two cowboys from
Montana & Colorado and I call them my “Brokeback Mountain” friends.  If you’ve seen the movie, you’ve met
them.  Anyway, we stayed at their house too late as usual. It’s a long drive home, most of an hour, but it was
better sitting out by the water at their house with a slight balmy breeze, than facing the hot house at home –
the air conditioner had broken.  On the way home, dark and in the middle of nowhere, the car started going
bumpty bump – something in the tire. I managed to pull into one of those gas stations with no services.  No
cell phone (we both forget it often). Vince went into the convenience store for a minute while I was inspecting
the tires.  I have no idea why I was doing that, because there’s certainly nothing I could do about it, and I
wasn’t looking forward to the miserable night ahead with this situation.  It was already approaching midnight.  

Out of nowhere a big white pick-up truck appeared, pulled in sideways behind me, blocking my car, and a
somewhat kindly, fairly deep voice said ”Do you need help”?  I turned around and this guy was leaning out of
the window of his truck.  I could see a second guy in the truck with him and a caged not-particularly-friendly-
looking pit bull in the back of the pick-up.  The guys had short haircuts, but reeked of the hell’s angels
persona.  My normal reaction might have been to say “no” and to quickly get away from them, but for some
reason I told him that I thought I had a flat tire and “yes” I did need help.  What could be a much longer story
– I’ll shorten.  He had me do some turns with the tires, found a huge roofing nail in the tire, and went into the
convenience store and bought a kit with which to repair the tire.  He probably put out $20 for the kit as it
included a wrench, etc, and he never said a word about it.  Vince appeared and the guy acted as though he
knew him well.   

He fixed the tire.  He showed us his dog – but told us not to get near it.  His friend eventually got out of the
truck briefly, said hello only, and got back in the truck.  Then we followed them across the property where our
guy filled our tires (all four) with the correct air pressure, told us to have them rotated & balanced, and that
was that.  I had a twenty dollar bill in my wallet and gave it to him.  He didn’t thank me, but threw it in his truck
like it was an empty beer can.  His friend, who was sitting on the passenger seat, didn’t bat an eyelash,
but looked straight ahead.  

Another white car drove up to the pumps.  The guy got out of the car, came over to our good samaritan
friend, and asked him (not us) if he needed help.  He said “no, I’ve got it.”  The guy walked back to his car
and drove away.  Did he gas up?  I don't know.

We asked our kind Samaritan his name – Jacob.  I said that that was a nice Biblical name.  He said his
brothers all had Biblical names. I told him I believed he was an angel sent from the Lord to help us.  
He looked me in the eye and gave me almost a smirk.  I looked back for an instant toward Vince.  
Turning quickly back to the guy again, he and the truck had suddenly disappeared just as instantly as it
came in the first place.  Neither of us could believe our eyes.  Where was it?  

I am now a believer in angels who are ministering to the saints.

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