“Jesus…..seeing a fig tree by the road…..found nothing except leaves.
Then He said ‘
You will never bear fruit again!’  Immediately the tree withered up and died”
Matthew 21:19-20

After observing a fig tree which was barren of fruit, Jesus’ subsequent action seems a little harsh, doesn’t it?  
Well, we all know that the greater message has little to do with the tree itself, but that Jesus was using this as
an illustration to be applied to our own lives.  Simply put, God intends for us to use our talents for His glory.  
A born-again Christian has a duty to identify his or her talents and use them.  

Literally everything God has created has a function.  Even the dirt of the ground was commanded to grow
whatever seed was assigned to it.  Have you ever noticed a wooden fence post left alone out in a pasture
somewhere?  In time the bottom will rot and the post will fall over if not attended to.  Simply, the ground has
been trying to grow the post.  That’s the ground’s duty, and dirt or not, it is expected to use its talent to the
best of its ability.  The fig tree apparently didn’t get the memo.        

Everything and everyone is supposed to accomplish something.  It would be nice if the fig tree bore
so much fruit that the branches could hardly hold themselves up under the load of fruit.  But overkill
is not required.  Any fruit at all would be better than none.

We have been made in the very likeness of God.  Do you think God wants you to go around moping about
how hurt you are that some idiots out there can’t even get enough grip on the Bible to understand that we
are all made in God’s image?  Do you think God weighs a few idle words of the apostle Paul, words borne out
of his own hang-ups, against the words of Jesus incarnate, the very essence of God in the flesh?  Jesus
clearly said that some people will never get it.  We can rally against hate crimes and bang our heads against
walls for justice, and that’s a noble thing, but there will always be bigotry and deliberate hatred.  Sin is sin.

What does Jesus say?  Bear fruit.  What are the two greatest commandments?  Love God with everything
you’ve got, and treat others the same way you’d want them to treat you.  Jesus is the express image of God.  
His words count.  He is the one who can guide us to discover our talents, and can enable us to use them to
the maximum, glorifying our Heavenly Parent.