“On that day a fountain will be open to the house of David and the
inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin and impurity”
Zechariah 13:1

We’ve all seen movies where dehydrated thirsty people discover an oasis in the vast desert, and they not
only hasten toward it, but they run as fast as they are able.  The anticipated fresh clean water contained
therein can save their lives as well as revive them in a most wonderful way.  Interesting though, Zechariah
didn’t use an oasis as an example as might be expected, but rather a fountain.  
The image of a fountain guarantees far more of a sure thing in the sense of continually replenished flowing
water of the cool variety, perhaps even splashing over the edge of its intended container.  
No vision of algae or impurities, and always a running supply.  

Zechariah was both a prophet and a priest.  Traditional thought is that he began his prophesying at a young
age, and that he had an unusually long life.  His image of a fountain refers to Jesus Christ who would one
day wash away the sins of those who believed in Him.  When the spiritually blind eyes of Jews are opened,
and their hearts receptive to Jesus as their Messiah, they too will know their sins washed away in the blood of
Jesus – the ever flowing, ever cleansing fountain.  All of us as the spiritual seed of the risen Savior will be
recipients of the mercy and forgiveness freely flowing from that fountain.  More than flowing – gushing,
plunging with massive power.  

When the floodgates of forgiveness are opened, all will justified and sanctified, washed even purer than the
whitest snow.  As William Cowper’s ancient hymn declares
“sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their
guilty stains”
.  What a moment in time that will be, when as a flowing fountain, all sins will be washed away
finally and forever, remembered no more.  

Let there be no mistake, when you accept Jesus as your personal Savior, your sins have absolutely been
forgiven.  One day each of us will lie silent in a grave, all communication with anyone or anything earthly
severed, and our soul will arise anew because of that cleansing fountain – the blood of Jesus Christ.  There
is no greater comfort.  No grave will have power over our souls, for we were cleansed in the fountain.  It is of
utmost importance that you be sure that you have given your heart and life to Jesus Christ, trusting in His
blood that was shed for you, on your behalf, the very blood which, like a fountain of rushing water, covers
and cleanses you from all sin.