“… grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life He has for Christians,
the utter extravagance of His work in us who trust Him”
(Ephesians 1:18-19)

Jesus came to bring peace, yet we live our lives in discontent.  Jesus calls us be congenial, understanding
and tolerant, yet we tend to be sharp-worded and ungrateful.  Jesus asks us to be deliberate, yet our lives
are disheveled and disorderly.  Jesus calls us to be at peace, yet we find ourselves irritable and distracted.  
He exhorts us to set our sights upon Heavenly values, yet we immerse ourselves in politics and the cares of
this world, destructively absorbed in the here and now.  

And yet we have the audacity to proclaim that faith doesn’t always work, that we need to do all we can in our
own strength before relying on the same God who has said that He is sufficient for our every need.  So why
the gap?  Could it be that about a week after we first gave our hearts to Jesus, a week after we said we would
have no other gods in our lives, a week after placing our complete trust in Him, that we forgot or got bored
with the peace that passes all understanding?  

For such a time as this, a time when all eyes watch the nation of Israel in anticipation of the unfolding of end-
time events, we need to think back to the very moment when we declared ourselves saved, washed in the
cleansing blood of our Savior, and recapture that faith we once had.  There was a good work which had
begun within us.  Remember Philippians 1:6?  “…..God who started this great work in you will keep at it and
bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Jesus Christ appears.”  In other words, God is doing His part, so
we need to keep our end of the bargain.

The very moment Jesus entered your heart, you began to soften.  You began to be molded into His image.  
If you examine yourself and don’t find that to be currently true, it isn’t Jesus who has drifted, it’s you.  Yes,
you still belong to Him, but He didn’t come into your life so that you could remain in the same depraved state
that you once knew.  He came that you might have a new life, that your heart would become one with His,
that your very being would become a witness and testimony to His saving grace.          

The verse above says that God is extravagant in transforming our lives if we put our complete trust in Him.  
That’s that same trust you once had, the trust that needs to be renewed right now.  Why live with less that
the very best?  Why let the troubles of this world be your influence when there’s a glorious life available
though Jesus Christ our Lord?

It's time to close the gap.