“He answered Jesus saying that his name was Legion because numerous demons were
inhabiting his body.  Together they begged Jesus over and over again
to not send them to the Abyss.”
(Luke 8:30-31 synopses)

There was an area called the Gerasenes located on the opposite side of the lake from Galilee which was
ungodly and not receptive to the presence of Jesus when He was among them.  Primarily they wanted
nothing to do with God and their whole demeanor was dark and fearful.  The problem with being
disenfranchised from anything godlike is that it‘s an open invitation to the underworld – the world of Satan
and his evil followers, known as demons.  

One glaring example is that there was a man who was demon possessed and living on the outskirts of the
town.  He wore no clothing and was always battle-scared and bloody from self-abuse, not caring whether he
lived or died.  He was inhabited by many demons; in fact so many that they called themselves Legion (or a
Mob).  He had been chained up several times, but each time he tore himself loose from the chains and was
not very unlike a wild animal.  He found refuge in remote places such as obscure caves, hiding just as a wild
animal would do.  

One day Jesus and his disciples took their boat ashore to the Gerasenes area and were greeted by a
welcoming committee of one; however the one was this wild man in whom the Legion was living.  And for sure
the greeting wasn’t all that charming.  Jesus wasn’t looking for a confrontation, but this wild man began
yelling at Him, assuming that Jesus had landed the boat specifically to harass him.  
This is typical of how self-absorbed humans can be, always thinking everything’s about them.      

Probably in an attempt to quiet this lunatic down, Jesus asked him his name.  “Legion” was the answer.  Now,
it isn’t like Jesus didn’t already know this, but you’ve got to open a conversation somewhere, and asking his
name was as good as any.  But it was so obvious that it didn’t have to be spelled out.  The demons got the
picture loud and clear and began begging Jesus to not cast them into the Abyss.  Let’s face it, even though
the demons know very well their final destination is hell (aka the Abyss); they’re not in any hurry to go there.  
Most humans don’t take it nearly as seriously as they should.  For once, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take the
demons at their word.       

So, looking for an “out,” their begging turned from not sending them to the Abyss, to be allowed to enter into
a herd of pigs grazing on the hillside nearby.  So be it.  What they didn’t count on, however, was that the pigs
were equally unreceptive to their presence.  The pigs therefore took off, tripping over one another scurrying
down the bank to the lake, running right into the water and drowning themselves.  Pigs can’t swim.   
Did the pigs know it?   Didn’t matter, they didn’t care.  
They weren’t about to put up with the same torture that the wild man had gone through.  
Drowning was the better of the options.           

The Abyss is hell.  In Heaven there is a stairway to the great Abyss.  It’s really the pathway to the bottomless
pit – same thing.  God cannot look upon it: He
will not.  It’s a reminder of His giving the angels too much free
will.  They misused it and followed Lucifer right down to the deepest dark
of the Earth.  Jesus said it happened as fast as a bolt of lightening.    

Even the pigs knew better.  How can it be that pigs are wiser than humans?  Amazing.