The Name

“The apostles left the Sanhedrin rejoicing because they
had been counted worthy of suffering for The Name”
(Acts 5:41)

There was such respect for the power of God as evidenced through God’s only begotten Son that 1st
century Christians didn’t even feel they had to specifically evoke the name of Jesus every time.  Just the
mention of “The Name” in itself was enough to drop enemies of God to their knees, enough to heal the
brokenhearted, enough to restore broken bodies, enough to change lives forever.  God, author of all
wisdom, declared that His only begotten Son was to be called Jesus.  God gave The Name and with it came
all the power of Heaven.  They understood that there was no other Name by which you could be saved.

The first Christians totally respected, honored, regarded as hallowed, and obeyed The Name.  The apostles
- all of them, numbering in the hundreds - were so sold out to The Name that people placed their ailing loved
ones in places where Peter’s shadow when cast upon them as he walked by would bring complete healing.  
A piece of cloth that the Apostle Paul touched would realize the same results.  Every believer knew the
authority of The Name.  

For this people gave up all their worldly possessions.  Because of The Name they combined their
sustenances, worshipped all day long in their meeting places regardless of imminent dangers, prayed without
ceasing, and proclaimed of the power of the resurrection to those both willing and unwilling to listen.  These
days if you mentioned The Name people would ask what name you were talking about.  Sadly, even many
Christians would ask.  With the exception of a remnant, no longer are people healed instantly because of
The Name, no longer are people like Phillip transported by the Holy Spirit, no longer is The Name called upon
to evoke power from on high.

The Apostle Paul said that “at The Name of Jesus every knee should bow.....everything that exists in Heaven,
on and under the Earth.”  It’s His Name which is our lifeline, our restoration, our healing balm.  
The very whisper of His name is life changing.