“…..to whom much is given, much is expected.”
(Luke 12:48)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a serial killer, or whether you lift a candy bar from Wal Mart,
or even if you merely don’t return the greeting to the old man sitting at the Wal Mart entrance because you’re
too engaged in conversation to bother with him.  It’s all categorized as sin: big, medium, or small.  In God’s
reality the same standard applies regardless of the degree of sin from which you were redeemed.  When you
accept Christ it becomes a level playing field.  Everyone is the same in God’s eyes.  What matters is what
you do from then on, beginning at point zero.

One person might ask Christ to be their Savior while confined in a prison cell; yet another person might invite
Christ into their life while leisurely lying in a hammock watching the sunset.  There is no advantage one way
or another.  The disadvantage would be in not making the commitment at all, and that results in eternal
darkness; total and complete separation from the very One who has made you all that you are and will take
it away just as instantly.  

Salvation in itself is a free gift, but there’s nothing free about the way a Christian is to conduct him or herself
once they have become one with Jesus.  The apostle Paul said he was slave to Christ.  That sounds a bit
extreme, but not so.  We willingly give of ourselves for the cause of Christ all day every day.  So in that sense
we are indeed slaves, but of our own free will.  We request that His will be done through us.  If we delight
ourselves in the Lord, the Bible says we will receive the desire of our hearts.  The thing is, by doing so, our
desire changes.  From what might have been quite a self-centered desire, it becomes a selfless one;
one which is the same with our God who created us.        

How we should live is outlined in Luke 6:37-38.  Here’s a synopsis: Don’t be quick to judge or condemn,
be forgiving and giving, and to whatever degree you put it our there,
it’ll come back in the same manner.  

It’s not an easy road.  If you think it is, you haven’t followed Luke’s admonishment.  Where are your
disappointments and rejections because your life has been a testimony to Christ?  From the moment you
determined that you would follow Jesus, at what cost has it been to you thus far?  If your journey has been an
easy one, then you haven’t traveled the same road as your Master.  

To be “in Christ” really does mean being a slave to His will.  Nothing else works for the Christian.  
His purpose becomes your purpose.  The very mind which was in Christ Jesus becomes one with your mind,
your will, your reason to live.  Paul said “for me to live is Christ” (Philippians 1:21).  
He is the reason we live and He is the one for whom we will die.  To do less is not expedient.