the quiet kingdom

The story of King Jehoshaphat is related in the Old Testament in two places: I Kings & II Chronicles.  The two
versions are not identical, but close.  What is unusual is that genealogically King Jehoshaphat’s mother
Azubah is the featured person, with his father Asa bringing up the rear.  The reason could be that she had
such an exceptional godly influence upon her son that it overshadowed anything his father did.  This doesn't
mean that she had a dominant personality, maybe just the opposite, but her adherence to the principles of
God came through loud and clear.

The results were what she had hoped for, for when Jehoshaphat became king at 35 years old, similar to the
age requirement for US presidents today, he ruled justly and honored God.  The principles that his mother
impressed upon him stood firm.  There came a time during his rule when he shut down the houses of male
prostitution throughout his domain.  It’s not difficult to find internet sermons and opinions jumping all over
this.  Some preachers become predators seeking any tidbit they can to exercise their homophobia, however
it's shaky ground declaring that these men were homosexuals.  They could easily have been
straight men alluring the ladies.  

My point however - who cares?  They were falling short of God’s standard, deliberately indulging in sin
regardless of their sexual inclinations.  The surly witch Noadiah wouldn’t relinquish her evil ways and just
wandered away into oblivion, never to be heard of again (Nehemiah 6:14).  Deliberate sin is a road to
nowhere.  Whatever someone is wallowing in will soon cease to satisfy after a certain point and then there is
nothing left.  Worldly pleasures just don't last if they're not of the Lord.  

That said, Jehoshaphat pulled together a battalion of singers and worshippers who went out in front of his
army praising and glorifying God.  This Joshua-style posturing resulted in decisive victory.  They barely did
any fighting.  King David was on the same wave length.  Psalm 68:11, "God gave the word and great was the
host (of women) who proclaimed it”.

Jehoshaphat had his priorities in order.  II Chronicles 20:30: “Jehoshaphat’s kingdom was quiet, for God had
given him rest”.  O that our lives would end this way.  Right priorities, great ending.