“With a shout, Jesus himself shall descend from Heaven.  The greatest archangel will also shout  
and blow a huge trumpet, and the dead in Christ shall be the first to rise up.  Those who are alive
and remaining on Earth shall then follow, joining with the others within the cloud to meet Jesus
in the air.  And from then on the saved ones will always be with the Lord.”
(1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Recently I pointed out in my blog (And the Morning Stars Sang) that NASA and others in the scientific
community have identified clusters of stars in the heavens which they believe are producing musical sound
waves.  One astrologist described them as “humming.”  They’ll inevitably figure out that the source of the
melody is coming from another place, a greater place.  But by the time they begin to correctly identify the
source; most of them (but not all - for some will know the Lord) will have long plummeted into denial.  They
won’t allow for the fact that the music is coming from Heaven; much less that Heaven is actually a planet two
trillion miles away.  

But the music cannot be denied.  It will increase in volume as the angelic orchestra warms up for the big
moment; the great explosion known as the Rapture.  When God declares that it’s time, the trumpets of
Heaven will sound for thirty days and all of Earth will hear it.  There won’t be any more need for “authorities”
to impose their interpretations of what might be happening.  Christians will inherently know.  As a point of
information, Heaven’s trumpets are played by a host of angels.  The trumpets are blue.  They’re simple in
design similar to ancient bugles with nothing added such as valves, and they’re easily twelve feet long.     

Every activity on Earth will instantly come to a stop.  Busses will stop, machinery will stop, and computers will
stop.  People will come out into the streets and look up.  Jesus will descend to a place high above in the air
where every person will be able to see Him at once.  The Great Shepherd will call out to His own sheep but
everyone else will hear Him too.  His voice will be loud.  Very loud.  The trumpets will blast clamorously, but
even above their sound will come the one gigantic blast from the head archangel.  It will be so ear-shattering
that even deaf people will hear it.  

Just before this, however, the sick in hospitals and the infirmed in elderly care facilities will have sensed a
change in their spirits.  They will have already begun to refuse treatment and medication because of their
acute awareness that something enormous and imminent is about to happen.  Many inmates in prison will
also know it in their spirits and fall to their knees and repent.

Meanwhile, something equally incredible will have been occurring.  Bodies in graves will have begun to
materialize.  “The dead shall be raised,
incorruptible.” (1 Corinthians 15:52)  Considering the millions who
died in place on battlefields throughout the centuries and were just left to rot, and the millions buried in
caskets, and the millions who drowned at sea, it’s unimaginable how many dead must have gone before us.  
Putting it in that perspective, it makes me feel very insignificant.  

Once the bodies are completely reformed the great explosion will begin.  Make no mistake though, all this will
happen in the “twinkling of an eye.”  In other words, instantaneously.  Caskets will literally be kicked open, dirt
will fly up and splatter everywhere as bodies are exhumed from all over the earth, water sprays will fling up
their dead from the depths of the sea, and the formerly dead throughout the ages from Adam until the
present will fly up to the cloud in the air.  Their bodies will be perfectly restored and then some, far more
beautiful than when they succumbed to death’s grasp, even if they were mangled or dismembered.  They’ll
respond to God’s voice, they’ll understand His language.  God has His own language, by the way, and we will
learn it.

But as the rapture begins, those who belong to Christ will stay put.  They will watch this miraculous display of
God’s restoration of the dead with great awe and thanksgiving but they must wait until they’re called.  The
others, those who have rejected Christ all along, however, will be devastated because for them there’s no
hope.  “All the tribes of the earth will mourn.” (Matthew 24:30)  What a dreadful position they will be in.  All the
while they will be helplessly standing there watching the elect of God being gathered up into the cloud
because Jesus is calling them.  Some of those left behind will cower, some will hide, some will curse God,
some will plead to God, but none will repent.  Too late.  They’ll have one more chance to trust in Jesus during
the Great Tribulation if they make it that far.

The cloud.  Singular, not plural.  We are not talking cumulus, nimbus, or stratus clouds.  This will be far
greater; it will be the cloud of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit rarely chooses to take on form, but He certainly
can, and in this case His form will be one extensive beautiful cloud stretching across the firmament as far as
the eye will be able to see.  For a truth, you’ve already seen the Holy Spirit show Himself.  Every time you see
a rainbow you’re seeing the Holy Spirit manifesting Himself.  Consider God’s covenant with Noah when His
Spirit first took form.  

In case you had any doubt,The 21st century is not a good time to be complacent about one’s relationship
with our Savior.  

Claimer: In the last days Christians who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit will receive Revelation Knowledge.  
You may already be experiencing it.  Some of the information above is such knowledge primarily from 3 sources:
Rev Dr Percy Collet who went to Heaven for 5 ½ Earth days whose credibility has been well established,
my personal friend Rev Brant Baker who was God’s anointed servant and faith healer, and I by the same anointing of
the Holy Spirit.  If you allow the Holy Spirit to invigorate these truths within your own spirit, you will have a greater
understanding of God’s order.