“I was in the prime of my life when the secret of God graced my home”
Job 29:4

The prime of life usually refers to youth when a person’s energy level and physical capabilities are at their
peak.  Jake Gyllenhaal is in the prime of his life, however he has nothing to do with this writing.  I only threw
him in because I knew he would get your attention.  And here you are.

When spiritual considerations enter the equation however, youth has nothing to do with it.  Spiritual prime
comes only with maturity in the Word and living daily with Jesus.  If you’re earnest enough there comes a
point when you understand that there’s nothing out there that can fulfill you; that only being in the presence
Jesus can fill the void.  The world has a lot to offer and we busy our lives becoming entangled in it’s
enticements and complexities, but beginning at the born-again experience and moving ever forward, the
Christian begins to desire to withdraw to Jesus to satisfy his or her now inherent spiritual needs.

We cannot let ourselves be so consumed with the maintenance of our daily lives that we can’t find our way
back into the bosom of Jesus.  Job refused to let the cares of the world overtake him.  He met with more than
a little opposition when he took his stand for God.  Jesus is where we Christians of today find our rest, for
both our hurting hearts and our immortal spirits.  Our rest, our relief comes when we enter into that holiest of
places within the heart of God, the place of perfect love.  The secret of God is found where God’s dwelling
place is, and where our spirits crave to reside.  

God has listened to our concerns and complaints and failures plenty, and our elations not so much because
we often forget to share them.  God too wants to share His joys with us.  We need to listen when He’s sharing
intimate tidbits about what makes Him happy; about what His will is.  We enter into God’s secret place in our
blissful moments of retreat unto His begotten Son Jesus.  He wraps His comforting arms around us and we
are at peace once more.