(not an old-time radio show sequel)

Sick people were brought out into the street on rugs and mats so that at least Peter’s shadow would fall
across some of them as he walked by.  And the crowds came in from the Jerusalem suburbs bringing their
sick…..and every one of them was healed.
”  - Acts 5:15-16

Peter wasn’t any more qualified to bring healing to the sick than you or I.  Or putting it the other way – you
and I are just as qualified as Peter to bring Christ’s healing to the world.  Peter had the answer.  He had
walked with the Master and learned to put his trust in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, knowing that the Holy
Spirit was ever present to guide the miracle healing to its conclusion.

If we would but believe, we could be used to administer the miraculous healing power of Jesus to masses of
ailing recipients, or to that person in our neighborhood of whom we are reminded daily is
in need of healing.  Nothing, no one, can withstand the Word spoken in the name of Jesus.  
Every fowl thing that Satan can produce will kneel before the Master.  And the joy of being used to bring
healing to those in need is unparalleled to anything on this planet.  We testify about our faith, yet how many
among us have dared to use it?  It is unscriptural to lay it all at the feet of our pastors or priests.  
Rightly so, because let’s face it, a whole lot of them aren’t using their faith either
or they’d be seeing some results.  

The people in Peter’s time suffered from the same afflictions then as now.  CH Spurgeon had worded it a little
differently than I will, but his point was that we see Satan’s cruel handiwork all around us: the despondency
of depression, the agony of paralysis, the burning of fever, the dark void of blindness, the violence of
insanity.  All vile stuff.  If we but exercise the faith which God has placed within us, at the name of Jesus all
these horrendous things will flee.  They must!  Too often we marvel at what happened
then, without daring to
understand that it should be happening
now too.  Any one of you who refuse to grow weary in putting in the
time to worship and praise God in your private moments can be anointed just as Peter was,
that as your mere shadow passes by someone in need, a healing will activate.  Seriously.  

Peter wasn’t a superman on any level.  Neither are we, but we can tap into the same Holy Spirit who is
wanting and waiting to empower us so that
every one can be healed.  The Scripture above tells us that.  
It doesn’t just say

Don’t get it?  In the wrong church?  

When’s the last time your pastor or priest gave an alter call and people came forward to accept Christ as
their personal Savior?  Never?  Then how about someone recently in your church experiencing
a miracle healing?  No?   

Maybe it’s time for change.