(not a James Bond sequel)

Rahab must have had a personality similar to Bell in Gone With The Wind.  As a full figured and most
charming woman who happened to be a madam, Rahab too had intelligence, beauty, and pocket change.  
You couldn't miss her anywhere and you couldn't help liking her in spite of one particular  variance in her
occupational choice.  I'm guessing she pulled her long wavy hair back in a red braid of some sort which at a
later date would contribute to sparing her life.

Tradition of course would declare that the spies refused her professional services.  It is obvious however that
the two men dearly loved this woman after spending but a brief time with her, and loved her so much that
they begged that her life be spared.  We know she had to hide them and that they drew no small amount of
curiosity while within her house of ill repute, resulting in a police officer seeking them out.  
Rahab, having honed her skills of deception, protected them and they protected her too - a mutual
"I won't tell if you won't tell".  Did one or both of them sleep with her?  Maybe.

Who stepped out on faith here?  Not the spies.  They had a better time than they admitted at Joshua's
expense, and fortunately for them they met up with a woman of discernment who knew a good thing when
she saw it.  She had big time courage.  The spies belonged to God's army and she'd have to be out of her
mind to not go with the presumptive winning side.  She wasn't exactly a pillar of society, but she was gutsy
enough to take a leap of faith and it paid off.  God does this over and over - chooses someone on the
margins of society and gets the deed done, though often by the unlikely candidate from our perspective.

So things are looking up.  God could use us too.

Joshua chapter 2