“the one who loves God is known by God”
(I Corinthians 8:3)

All too often we say to ourselves something like “it’s just little me” and God can’t possibly care about my pathetic
troubles.  After all, everyone whether great or small lives and dies with not too much fanfare and with rare
exception they’re forgotten before the body even decomposes.  One of my personal regrets is that I’ve lost way
too many friends to AIDS.  And I’ve lost my parents.  I’ve also lost a lifetime of acquaintances.  Many of those
became good friends, but when they first entered my life it seemed that they just showed up for no apparent
reason other than proximity.  One of the  perplexing components of the human condition is that not one of them is
necessarily on the forefront of my mind anymore.  Sometimes I deliberately reflect on a particular friend and other
times the memory of a friend seems to randomly flash through my mind.  A few special ones along with my parents
come to mind a whole lot than others, but what they all have in common is that I still find myself mourning their
passing.  And that’s most likely because I selfishly want them to still be with me to enhance my happiness.  

In regard to the population in general I know the drill, but the reality is even more compelling with gay men.  Here it
is:  I die.  Maybe there’s a grave stone or maybe not.  But it doesn’t matter because in no time people will forget
me.  Most won’t revisit the grave site even once after the funeral - if they even attended in the first place.  They
might intend to, might even put it on their “things to do” list, but they won’t get to it.  Most certainly my opinions or
political views will be buried with me.  Who I loved or who loved me will be buried with me too.  There’s only one
connection that remains intact; the one between my Creator and me.    

According to the Apostle Paul there’s one true love relationship that holds its value.  It’s the one which I have with
God.  That’s the one love which cannot be separated and will last eternally.  So the “it’s just little me” excuse
doesn’t exactly hold up.  In fact, it’s annihilated completely.  There’s an alternate reality and that is that God
planned an intimate relationship with each one of us eons before the earliest known ancestor on our genealogy
charts showed up.  Jeremiah 1:5 says “before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set
you apart.”  So the expedient thing to do is to sharpen our love relationship with the only One who counts.