“The serpent was clever, more cunning than any other animal God had made.”
(Genesis 3:1)

Adam and Eve had a good life in their tropical paradise.  Meanwhile, Lucifer had been expelled from
Heaven.  Cast away with no beautiful home, no domain.  If he could somehow separate the two favored ones
from God, he could subject them to his power and gain possession of all they had been afforded.  He could
establish his own kingdom on Earth in defiance to God above.

His disguise was a good one.  He had enough power to turn himself into a gorgeous fascinating creature,
that of a snake.  But no ordinary snake.  He had already been the most majestic of the angels clothed in
sparkling gemstones, and he simply transferred that to a walking talking serpent of compelling composure
and comportment.  (read my 3-part archives’ series on Lucifer)  If his true persona had been exposed, Adam
and Eve would have run for the hills because they would have seen a repulsive dangerous enemy who had
fallen as far from grace as was possible.  His once glorious appearance was now gruesome and terrifying.  

Well disguised however, he was fascinating and apparently delightfully engaging.  Certainly he launched a
little flattery and perhaps some flirtation with Eve.  He had an objective and she was the victim of his agenda.  
If she hadn’t chosen to parley with him and just walked away he would have had to go with plan B.  If he
hadn’t one, he’d find one, but he didn’t have to because he got what he wanted on the first try.  She was
innocent and he was supremely capable of twisting truth for he’d had lots of practice in Heaven.      

In the middle of this Shangri-La, this garden of unparalleled resplendency, grew a magnificent tree which
stood out above all others.  God called it the Tree of Life and it produced fruit which sustained life indefinitely
and they were not allowed to touch it.  We all know the story: Eve was unable to resist the temptation.  She
succumbed to the charms and the lie which the serpent cleverly presented and God chased them out of their
paradise and set angelic guards at the gate disallowing their reentry.  Adam and Eve immediately saw that
the angels, being considerably larger than humans and inherently muscular, were not to be messed with.  
Throughout the pages of Scripture the consistent first reaction by humans whenever they encountered
angels was one of fright.  And, not uncommonly, these ones carried flaming swords reinforcing the pair's
grave situation.  

When God had said that they would surely die if they took the forbidden fruit, and subsequently once they
did, death most assuredly inserted itself into the human race for all time.  We get it now - we all die.  God has
never and will never force us to do anything.  God gave us free will.  Our choices are on us and no one else.  
Let’s face it, God could have stopped Eve from going through with it, but God prefers the sacrifice of the
heart.  We can only serve God if we love Him and we know we can love Him because He is worthy of that
love.  But, considering the above, disobedience does not go without consequences.