"I am the way, the truth, and the life…..”
John 14:6

Suddenly a Scripture verse which we’ve known most of our lives, and maybe have rattled off over and over,
hits us like a ton of bricks.  It comes alive in a new way.  It’s called revelation.  The Bible is very
clever that way.  Have you ever considered the three parts in Jesus' statement above?

When He tells us “I am the Way” it's something we can recognize intellectually.  Jesus is saying that no matter
what the situation, that He personally is to be consulted first.  If there's something we desire in our lives, or
contrastingly something we need to get out of our lives, He’s the way to do it.

“the Truth” has a deeper meaning than some know, because it isn't just something Jesus offers,
it's who He is.  That means for example, that if we are standing in the kitchen grappling with how to
make a recipe work when it appears to be doing anything but, that by looking to Jesus we will find the way to
correct the sauce, or make the roast come out right.  Sounds ridiculous doesn't it, but it isn’t.  On a
more serious note, this same Truth will free us from the conflict in a current situation, maybe at work, or
maybe with another person.  Jesus doesn’t just have the truth, Jesus
is Truth.  In Him we abide.  It doesn’t
seem like He would have anything to do with some of our worldly dilemmas, yet He has told us that the
answer is not only found in Him, but that the answer
is Him.  If He’d been consulted in the first place there
wouldn’t be any need to turn to Him in desperation, hoping to unravel a crisis that's been created.

“and the life”  - take your pick - we acquire the Holy Grail, life unending, existence in it’s purest state,
heaven.  Importantly, we will at last become as one with the Truth.

Committed Christians bear the name of Truth, the name of Jesus, humbly and with honor.  He is the answer
to every question.  If we want to make our lives easier we can take the short cut.  We can seek Jesus first
before making any regrettable decisions.  The Truth will set us free.