The World's Logic

"she knew his voice"
Acts 12:14

Little Rhoda wasn’t in the center of the prayer circle or engrossed in the busyness of the local church.  
She was sitting by herself by the door.  She may not have fully comprehended the supposed rules or
methodology.  She didn’t need to.  While the Christians were praying for a miracle, praying that Peter’s life
might be spared, they were so caught up in going through the motions that they missed the miracle.  Their
prayers had already been answered; Peter had escaped prison and was desperately banging on the door,
but only little Rhoda heard it.

Are we so wrapped up in the busyness of serving God, of guarding the world and serving everyone else
except Jesus, of performing our perceived religious duties and wading through church rituals created by
humankind that we neglect God’s banging on our door?  Too busy to perceive the gentle tugging of the
Holy Spirit?

God’s thoughts aren’t our thoughts.  Let’s face it, we’re limited and that’s a huge understatement.  
The Bible is loaded with people who listened to God and obeyed Him when it contradicted human rationale.  
Abraham was willing to kill his beloved son Isaac because God asked him to.  God had His reasons but it
defied human logic.  In the midst of a war God asked Jeremiah to drop everything and go out and purchase
a field.  Made no sense whatsoever.  Noah was asked to build a seaworthy ship when the world had never
even experienced a downpour.  

The list could go on forever, but the point is that if we are willing to drop the rules, drop the traditions, drop
the religious formalities and simply listen to God’s voice, He will guide us.  Just dare to reject the world’s logic
and enter into a new world of wonders, a world in which most Christians are complete strangers.